5 Marvel Superheroes We Wouldn’t Love So Much In Real Life

Superheroes are great. Yay! Their characters are fun, we love reading about them, but there are some things about them that are good in books but not so good in real lives. Here is a list of some such superheroes that we’d not love so much in real life:

Captain America

Sure Cap is a great soldier and a true patriot. But that’s where the problem would arise. He would be ‘way too patriotic’ wouldn’t ever trust the Germans and wouldn’t know a lot about something known as globalization. Not just that, there were no ‘Civil’ Rights movements back in the day so. the whole apartheid thing. You get the idea right?


Okay, so J. Jonah Jameson is not all wrong when it comes to calling Spiderman a “Public Menace”. Sure there would be fewer robberies with Spidey in our ‘neighbourhood’ but dude, a maximum number of villains in the comics are created because of him. Also, his webbing would be a real issue. It sure dissolves in some hours, but what till then? As it is indestructible.

Iron Man

If you ever ask me who would I not want to have my high tech military hardware lying around. It would be a billionaire playboy who is also had a serious, a very serious drinking problem. So serious that he was kicked out of the Avengers and even imprisoned. Also, what’s with that attitude dude? Sure you’re great at science and all but just have some respect for the government and others’ lives. I mean being able to access it all? Nope.



Okay, yes Wolvie is a pretty cool character. Unbreakable dude, the healing factor, great claws. Agreed. But would we really want someone close to us who actually don’t k now what it’s like to be human in all these sorts? Apart from that, his great drinking and smoking problem is a bit too much to handle. And dude, you dare not call me ‘bub’.


This dude will be the biggest problem on the entire face of the Earth if he comes to be alive. Of course, we love reading comics about this guy, cracking jokes and breaking skulls. But if Deadpool was real, it would be a sad day for us all, as a mercenary who has no regard for life and everything is fun to this guy. Nope, I wouldn’t ever want him alive. EVER.

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