Key Retcons That Saved Iconic Movie Franchises

The way Marvel has constructed the Marvel Cinematic Universe storyline is extremely commendable, from X-men to all the other Marvel stories Marvel has given meaning to the word retroactive continuity. Here are a few movies with a plausible retroactive continuity that saved the dying movie franchise. 

The Thanos factor

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With the first marvel movie coming up in 2008 (Iron Man), the first avenger storyline started with Captain America – The first avenger (2011) coining a term which was a reference to a team of superheroes mentioned as the ‘Avengers Initiative’. The first avenger film in the marvel cinematic universe was seen in 2012 as ‘The Avengers’.

In the post-movie scene, Thanos is revealed as the big bad villain who threatens the existence of the universe and the lives we know. The idea of bringing in Thanos gave meaning to all the other movies that followed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since his first on-screen appearance and gave a sense to the existence of the infinity stones and as to why he is the only one possibly being able to control the power of the infinity stones (as he was a Titan).

Jason Is Still Alive

In the late 70s and 80s horror films were made popular by their villains. One such movie series is the ‘Friday the 13th’ marathon in which the villain no matter how many times manages to come back to life and wreak havoc in the area surrounding Camp Crystal Lake.

Key Retcons Saved Iconic Movie
Key Retcons Saved Iconic Movie

The villain in this series is somehow able to revive through different scenarios and then at the end of the movie being killed by another scenario. Friday the 13th movie series has close to 12 sequels being aired to date and somehow managed to keep Friday the 13th series alive.

Nightmare At Elm Street – A new nightmare

Biggest Horror Movie Icons Key Retcons Saved Iconic Movie
Key Retcons Saved Iconic Movie

With 8 sequels under its wraps, Nightmare at Elm Street almost went off its target with the few mid premiering sequels. The original director Wes Craven was called in to save the franchise, where killer Freddy Kruger was a dream world demon who was brought into the real world and then began the effort of saving the franchise.

In the last sequel, Jason and Freddy are seen battling it out and Jason comes out victorious with Freddy’s head only for Freddy to pass on an evil wink to the watching audience.

X-Men: The Last Stand never happened

The X-Men is yet another creations of the Marvel Cinematic Universe which will be explained in brief in the upcoming Marvel’s Eternals series (Yes, you got it right Marvel Cinematic universe is planning something bigger than Avengers Endgame, but that’s for another time).

Non-MCU Superhero Movies

So, the last sequel of the X-Men series ‘Days of the future past’ basically undoes the first 3 X-Men movie sequels to conclude that the Last stand never happened by altering the course of history and in turn completely changing the future series that we know of and eventually giving rise to a whole new timeline.

Rogue One – Death Star Senseless Flaw

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Key Retcons Saved Iconic Movie
Key Retcons Saved Iconic Movie

The Star Wars movie fans and fanatics were always amazed as to how Death Star which had the power of being able to destroy complete planets can have such a simple flaw. Well, the Rogue One prequel showed that the construction of the flaw was not an accident, rather an option for the rebel forces a chance to destroy the death star and give a whole new point of plot to the so-called flaw of the Death Star.

Key Retcons Saved Iconic Movie
Key Retcons Saved Iconic Movie

The movie also unravels the mystery around the man, Galen Erso who was forced to build the death star. The movie solved one of the greatest ‘plot holes’ in the star wars franchise and gave Star Wars another fighting chance.

Saw – The Undisclosed Student

The Punisher Season 2 Batman

The Saw franchise had initially lost all scope of a comeback after the 3rd and the 4th sequel and that is when the idea of a secret apprentice with regular lives creped in. Throughout 9 movies the main villain had multiple apprentices who at some point in time did his dirty work for him and ensured the Jigsaw terror lived on. Eventually, in the 8th sequel, the original jigsaw killer returns to do his final bidding. The latest sequel is set in a different timeline with a different story ensuring many more series ahead.

Tokyo Drift – A Prequel

The Fast & Furious franchise has evolved over the years from a simple movie about fast cars and racing into a full-blown world-saving series. Tokyo Drift was planted as a prequel to the series which were to come later on the Fast & Furious franchise. The movie ended with Dominic Toretto coming down for a race to find out how a member of his crew aka family was killed which eventually connected to the entry of Deckard Shaw later on in the series.

The Transformers Franchise – Bumblebee

Key Retcons Saved Iconic Movie
Key Retcons Saved Iconic Movie

The Transformers franchise seemed to have come to an end after the Autobots thwarted the Decepticons’ pursuit of replacing planet earth with their dying planet Cybertron. The revival of Megatron as Galvatron gives the story a continuing edge, but the history of the times when transformers first came to planet earth was still not made clear. This movie works as a prequel storytelling epilogue of the interaction of transformers with the human race. Thus, giving a new jumpstart to a probably dying franchise.

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