Marvel: Iron Man’s New Power Could Kill Him

What is surprising is that because Tony’s armor is currently compensating for terrible injuries he sustained against Avengers villain Korvac, one bad punch could kill him. Tony can now punch with a force of 40,000 newtons, but if his target doesn’t give when he hits it, the blow will literally explode his heart. Unfortunately, Korvac is currently inhabiting an advanced android body and out to steal godlike power, making it entirely possible that even Tony’s new strength won’t be enough, and he could die just from punching the villain.

Marvel: Iron Man's New Power Could Kill Him

Korvac is one of the most powerful villains the Avengers have ever faced, but thankfully he’s not yet back to full strength. After being resurrected in a bilayer graphene body by the Enclave, Korvac is on a mission to invade the space station Taa II and steal the powers of Galactus. When Iron Man tried to stop him in Iron Man #5, he failed, sustaining incredible damage that included a broken neck. Tony needs emergency surgery, and only his armor is keeping him held together in the meantime. Still, Korvac must be stopped, so Tony and his ragtag team are in hot pursuit, and Iron Man intends to tear the villain to pieces when they catch him.

The one thing working in Tony’s favor is that Korvac’s design isn’t perfect. As long as his android form remains stable, he’s stronger than Iron Man, but if Tony can cause the slightest crack, Korvac will become vulnerable, as he explains in a preview of Iron Man #7 from Marvel Comics. But while his new 500mph punch may be enough to do the job, longtime ally James Rhodes, aka War Machine, has reason to believe that Tony is making a rash decision for the wrong reasons.

Marvel: Iron Man's New Power Could Kill Him

Lately, Tony has been dangerously depressed, feeling bullied by everyone around him and even being roasted into leaving Twitter. Brought to the edge by wondering if perhaps Korvac actually knows best, the villain’s attack on Tony and his team changed his perspective, but rather than just feeling more secure, Tony seems to have switched to a dangerously arrogant mindset, saying, “I am going to win this fight. I am the one who wins. Korvac thinks he is god. But I am Iron Man.” War Machine and Hellcat have expressed worries about Tony’s attitude, clearly concerned that his new heart-stopping super-punch may be the product of Tony’s rage and arrogance rather than an actual understanding of Korvac’s limits.

Iron Man #7 is coming on March 17, so fans won’t have to wait long to see whether Iron Man’s super strength is the decisive blow against Korvac or a terrible mistake. But however the adventure goes, Tony’s extreme outlook is endangering his life, causing him to focus on lashing out at the cost of his own wellbeing.

Marvel: Iron Man's New Power Could Kill Him

A shattered body in a metal suit, Iron Man is effectively wagering his life that the untested extremes of his new suit can take down one of the most dangerous beings in Marvel Comics. Win or lose, Tony Stark is not okay.

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