Who Arrested Doctor Strange in the New Trailer? Illuminati Explained

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has exploded in the past year and so. One of the main reasons for this is the freeing up of the sacred timeline and the opening up of the multiverse. But the real consequences of the finale of Loki are just becoming clear. Owing to the intricacies of storytelling in such a complex environment, the progression of the central plotline of the series arc becomes quite slow. We have seen this in the MCU, as the multiverse has been the talk of the town for quite some time but things are coming to fruition with the new trailer for Doctor Strange 2. The biggest question we have today is who arrested Doctor Strange in the new trailer.

Let’s try to figure this out. We know for a fact that Doctor Strange meets Mordo in the trailer. In fact, he is the one who narrates the first part of the trailer. We are reminded once again that what Strange has done goes against the laws of nature even if he did it to save innumerable lives. The actions of Doctor Strange go against the nature and laws of the multiverse and he must be punished for it. Time Variance Authority might have been the only reason why he was safe up until now. But now things will take a darker turn. We see Doctor Strange being led into a courtroom by androids. Here he would stand trial for his sins.


Who Arrested Doctor Strange

But who is the one who gets Strange here? Well, we think that the Illuminati is behind this arrest. There have been some plot leaks aboutĀ Multiverse of Madness and looking at the current trailer, it seems that all of these plot leaks are true. It is highly likely that the organization evaluating Doctor Strange is none other than the Illuminati. But this is not the same Illuminati we know from conspiracy theories or Marvel comics. We think that this Illuminati is a multiversal organization dedicated to upholding the laws of nature. Sort of like what the TVA did but the Illuminati does it on an individual level.


We also think that the Mordo we see in a trailer is not from the MCU. He might be a variant who is also a member of the Illuminati. Professor X has already been confirmed to be in the movie. Patrick Stewart reprises the role of the mutant professor and takes his rightful place as a founding member of the Illuminati. Although we should mention that this is not the same Professor X as from the Fox Universe. But the most interesting part of this version of the organization will surely be Superior Iron Man. For the uninitiated, The Illuminati are a Marvel team comprising of Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Professor X, Iron Man, and several other heroes who would take decisions that the heroes could not.


Black Ops Team in The Comic Books
Black Ops Team in The Comic Books

In the comics, their only concern was the well-being of Earth-616 and hence they sacrificed countless realities to make sure that this one survives. The leak about the movie’s version is that it will feature Superior Iron Man as played by Tom Cruise. Superior Iron Man is a variant of Tony Stark who went full-blown tyrant and control freak.

The Breakdown

Who Arrested Doctor Strange

He let his paranoia take over and crafted the perfect suit. Moreover, he also gained control of Ultron. That is why it seems like this is the version included in the trailer as Strange is led by Ultron bots similar to RDJ’s Iron Legion in Age of Ultron. There is also a brief glimpse of this hero in the trailer, though it is not clear if the glowing orange figure is him or not. But it is highly likely that Superior Iron Man will show up in the movie. Another leak that the movie confirms is the antagonistic nature of Wanda. She challenges Strange in the middle of the trailer, sharing her frustration with not being able to use her powers for her benefit.


Maybe she is the real villain of the movie after all. There have been some rumors of Wanda killing the entire Illuminati inĀ Multiverse of Madness. Whether these rumors are true or not is a discussion for some other day. Anything we say now will only amount to speculation. Let us know what you think about this in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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