Initial Rotten Tomatoes Score For Detective Pikachu Revealed

There are a lot of Pokemon fans out there who are pretty much excited about the upcoming film Detective Pikachu. The prime reason for this craze is that Pokemon has been a part of everyone’s childhood and now that we are going to get the opportunity of seeing them in a live-action movie, then, I don’t think people will shy away from turning to theatres to watch the movie. Well, in the middle of all this, people do want to know about the score of the film according to Rotten Tomatoes.

Detective Pikachu Rotten Tomatoes

Now, if we talk about the initial score of Detective Pikachu on Tomatometer, then, the film has been rewarded with ‘Fresh’ as it had a score of 67% positive reviews. Well, at the time of writing this, we had 21 reviews for the movie and, the same has also been shared by Rotten Tomatoes on Twitter. Here’s the tweet:

By looking at the trailer and the footage of the film, we were able to know that it is going to be a great one. Also, the fanbase of Pokemon fans is too big and I don’t think people are going to miss the chance of seeing all these creatures on the big screen. The film is going to release very soon in theaters and no wonder we all are excited.

Detective Pikachu Rotten Tomatoes

The legendary CEO Joshua Grode has said in an interview,

“There’s room for a lot of different brands in the market. Pikachu is not meant to be a Marvel movie. People say, “Oh, you’re going up against the Marvel movies.” Well, no, we’re going up against ourselves and judging ourselves on: Do we execute our content the best way we could? We made the best version of Pikachu we could make. Same with Godzilla. Godzilla’s not supposed to be Jurassic World. They both have creatures and animals. But we have to market it for what it is and not fall into the trap of, “It’s Die Hard with a train.” So we’re trying to be original in how we market it.”

Detective Pikachu is going to release in theaters on May 10.

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