Ghost Rider is Hunting Evil Strange in Multiverse of Madness

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has really opened up in the last few years. With the advent of things like the multiverse and the extra dimensions, it seems like Marvel Studios is lining up some major events. Seeing as most of Marvel’s big movies are built around teams as their focal points it is possible that Multiverse of Madness will also see a team-up that fans are not expecting. However, we are more interested in Evil Strange today and what his role would be in the film. Some people have tried to relate the character to What If…?’s Strange Supreme but we are pretty sure this Strange is different. The real question is what is he doing in the MCU? Well, a new theory suggests that Ghost Rider is hunting Evil Strange in Multiverse of Madness.

Doesn’t that sound like the most preposterous thing you have ever heard? A sorcerer is being chased down by a demon through different universes. It makes no sense. There is no reason for a powerful being like Evil Strange to be on the run and if he were then why would he come to the MCU where there are plenty of people to stop his rampage. The entire thing is hanging on by a thread that sounds mildly interesting. But what if we were to tell you that all of these actions have viable reasoning behind them and all of it circles around to one character. This sorcerer has been a big presence in the MCU ever since The Infinity Saga concluded. Keep reading to find out who it is.


Ghost Rider is Hunting Evil Strange

So the theory goes that Evil Strange is one of the cruelest variants of Doctor Stephen Strange. Much like Strange Supreme he also learned absorption magic and misused the time stone to keep himself frozen for a long time. He acquired unparalleled knowledge and power during this time but this did not satiate his unending need for domination. Whatever may have transpired, his actions messing with the natural order of things attracted the attention of the powers that be, and Satan himself (or Mephisto) came to collect his soul. Evil Strange had cheated death many times but no one can escape the inevitability of it. All of his power was futile against his own mortality.


So he finds himself in hell without the time stone and without any viable way to get out. But his thirst for power and domination has not quenched. Meanwhile, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Wanda is looking for allies to aid her against the heroes of her dimension so she can safely resurrect her children. The only problem is that there are heroes in the MCU who will attempt to stop her at all costs. She knows that she has the power to accomplish her goals with the help of the Darkhold but she must be able to make it last or all of her efforts would be for naught.


So, Wanda decides to recruit Evil Strange as a more powerful version of the greatest threat she has in her own universe. Now, Wanda may be able to help Evil Strange escape hell and find his way to the MCU while fooling our Doctor Strange but the powers that be would not appreciate it. It is our theory that The Spirit of Vengeance aka Ghost Rider has been dispatched to hunt down Evil Strange.


Evil Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness

This can work for two reasons. One, this will make Evil Strange in the trailer a distraction, and Wanda can continue her antagonistic streak in the MCU. Second, it would also give us a chance to see Epic battles between Ghost Rider and Evil Strange. Two powerful entities battling for the honor by putting their existences on the line might make this one of the most fabulous things to ever happen in the MCU. This would also give us a chance to appreciate Ghost Rider’s job and give Evil Strange something to be scared about.


Although we may be completely incorrect, we still like this theory better than making Evil Strange the main antagonist of the movie. Having an Evil variant pop-up for only one movie will get really old really soon and we know Marvel doesn’t enjoy rehashing stale concepts. Let us know what you think about this theory down in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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