7 Marvel Superheroes Who Were Killed Most Number of Times (Ranked)

Superheroes are strong, real strong. They can fly, shoot lasers from their eyes, break time-space barriers and can also travel through time or create or destroy parallel timelines and universes. Some are even Gods. Still, they fall. Superheroes die, whatever may be the reasons, be it health or as it is the usual case, taken down by their enemies. Superheroes die, here is a list of the Marvel superheroes who have died the most number of times:

7. Thor


Thor, a God can die? well yes, even an immortal can fall in the Marvel comics. Dude has died even more times than many of the ‘puny’ superheroes. Be it the Lord Of Thunder dying in the Korvac saga, or be it him drying in ‘Secret Wars’. He also died at the hands of Odin’s brother Kul, the Serpent, after he killed him too. Thor has died a total number of 6 times.

6. Wasp

Wasp sure is someone who has died a lot in comics. She is the person who died in the Infinity Gauntlet saga, yeah again one of the half universes, again she died in the Onslaught saga. In the Secret Wars to she died, then it happened again when the Skrull version of Hank Pym did that turning her into a bomb and Thor swiped her into the universe before she exploded. Once even the Blob ate her? well, she has had it bad and has died a total number of 7 times.

5. Hawkeye

Hawkeye is one of the heroes who have died a whole lot of times. Some of the deaths were irrelevant too. Just like the time when the ‘Avenger’ was one of the people who died at the time when Thanos snapped his fingers. Apart from that, he has died in ‘Secret Wars’ or when he sacrificed himself in the ‘Onslaught saga’. He too has died a total number of 7 times.

4. Wolverine

Wolverine too has died multiple times, be it during Secret Wars, when all that crystal heart stuff took place or when he sacrificed himself, or when to protect the mutants he got covered in adamantium and suffocated to death, painful way to go bro. In all these storylines, Wolverine has died a total number of 7 times.

3. Spider-Man

Spider-Man has a knack for dying. The superhero has died many times, be it in the ‘Infinity Gauntlet saga’ or twice in the Clone Saga. Spidey is someone who has a knack for lying. In the Secret Wars too, or when Deadpool goes bonkers, Spidey sure has died a lot of times. Remember the Queen? yeah, that time too. 8 is the total number of times

2. Captain America

More like Captain Death? Dude, this character’s death ratings are off the charts. The character has died 11 times. That is too much, especially for someone who’s a super human. The Cap’s most notable death was in the Silver Age where he died at the end of World war 2, after which he’s died many times, be it the ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ saga or the “Onslaught Saga’ or the ‘Korvak Saga’ He has also faked his death quite a few times, be it in the Punisher mini series or in Civil War.

1. Jean Grey

Jean Grey, if she is famous for anything besides being controlled by the Phoenix Force, it is dying. The character had only been dead twice up till 2004, after which something happened that changed the nature of her character. After that, the character has been killed dozens of time and brought back obviously. Because of Comics. So yeah, she was most notably killed by Magneto and by Wolverine (multiple times, as the Phoenix force only grew weakened every time she died and not dead, so she had to die a lot of times.

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