No Way Home Set Video Shows How The Opening Scene Was Shot

Spider-Man: No Way Home is finally out in theatres worldwide and the secret is now out of the box. There are a lot of things that the movie introduced us to and in an exciting manner, a lot of the theories also came true. Fans were wondering about a lot of the things that they got to see in the movie and how it might have worked out in the behind-the-scenes. Over the past few weeks, we got a lot of insight into the essential VFX moments from the movie and how they were worked out. One of the most exciting moments in the movie was when the cliffhanger from Spider-Man: Far From Home was addressed during the opening sequence for the movie. Let’s take a look at the No Way Home set video which shows how the opening sequence of MCU’s Spider-Man threequel was shot.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

This will mark as the most memorable movie based on the friendly neighborhood superhero. The movie paid homage to three generations of Spider-Man as we got to witness three Spider-Men appear together in the movie. Not only that, but the movie also featured some of the most important villains we got to witness in the past Spider-Man films. Apart from being a tribute to the character and its history, the movie also had a narrative of its own. This narrative actually saw some major development from Tom Holland’s Spider-Man as now he is going to have a completely fresh start for the character.


In the past few weeks, we got to see some interesting details from the behind-the-scenes of the movie being revealed. Concept art for some scenes that didn’t make it into the movie was revealed and it was rather exciting to see the options that Marvel Studios had for the movies. One of these saw Mysterio appearing during the final battle at the Statue of Liberty battling with Doctor Strange. Another one of the concept art revealed that America Chavez could have made her debut in the movie but that was left out. Apart from that we also got to see some behind-the-scenes footage from the movie.


No Way Home Set Video

Fans got a peek into the behind-the-scenes video from the movie when Twitter user @houseofbaIloon unearthed some footage. The footage saw Tom Holland and Zendaya’s swinging along for the very first scene that we get to see in the movie. This 54=second footage showed how director Jon Watts and the crew helped the duo film the scene. It is rather exciting to see how this sequence is a mix of both practical and visual effects with the presence of a blue screen in the background. Fans might remember that this was actually one of the most hilarious moments from the movie.


No Way Home Set Video

The idea of combining both practical and visual effects is something that has been a part of the Spider-Man movies since the Sam Raimi Trilogy. This actually brings a certain amount of originality to the hero as the actor actually executes some of the stunts. But over the years this has improved a lot and that’s why we see some improved techniques being explored by the VFX department. The duo is attached to a rig as they film the swinging sequence, with Zendaya giving some very realistic expressions for the scene. We also get to see the absolutely great chemistry between Zendaya and Tom Holland for the movie.


Seeing the duo’s chemistry off-screen clearly increases the anticipation for them appearing together on-screen in the future of MCU. There are a lot of other behind-the-scenes moments and deleted scenes that the fans are excited to witness from the movie. All of this and a lot more will be available along with the release of the movie on the Disney+ streaming platform and the DVD release of the movie.


Spider-Man: No Way Home will debut on the Disney+ streaming platform on July 8. It is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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