5 DC Supervillains Which Are Loved By Their Fans

Superheroes sure are loved by the fans, why won’t they be? Characters giving the readers hope and inspiration. They are the ones who many even look up to, while villains, well they too are loved but for their intrinsic storylines.DC supervillains have depth in their characters and how undeniably cool they actually are. Here is a list of DC Supervillains which are actually loved by their fans:

Ra’s Al Ghul

The Head Of The Demon is one of the fiercest villains of DC. In one storyline he is able to almost defeat the entire Justice League. If the character wasn’t so obsessed with correcting the world by killing off most of humanity, well he’d be a great hero. Someone with such experience, knowledge, intellect, strength, and valor.


Selina Kyle is no new name for any of the DC fans, the infamous burglar, and Bruce Wayne’s current and never ending love interest has her own set of skills, that include agility, great reflexes, a camouflaging attitude. We could call her a female Batman with less of a conscience and a lack of toys from Mr. Fox. Though she can’t entirely be called a villain, yeah the anti-hero acts as a villain a number of times.

Harley Quinn

Harley has no powers as such but still, she’s as badass a villain as one can get. The female counter part of Mr. J, when in the mood can even take on the Batman. She has also once been close to killing the caped crusader.


DC Universe

Undoubtedly the best assassin of the entire DC Universe, Deathstroke is loved by all for the badass that he is, many shows have shown about his past, but have yet shown nothing in comparison to the actual range of his strengths. Be it his physical regenerative capabilities or be it the fact that he can use 90% of his brain, or his super speed and physical prowess, he came into being after an experiment and a military career. His son too was an assassin who died, this brought Deathstroke back into the game.


DC SupervillainsJoker is amongst the most famous DC supervillains. This the easiest and most notable of all. Of course he’s loved greatly by the fans, call it his origin stories, out of which no one knows which one is true or call it his love for chaos and the identities that he develops. Or the most important reason, his obsession with Batman, which on multiple occasions, he has said that he and Batman can’t exist without one another. Not just that, he also leaves the world of crime when Batman is presumed dead in the Dark Knight returns. What he is, is clearly obsessed with the caped crusader, and the fans with him.

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