5 Things About Supergirl That Will Leave You Shocked

Supergirl was introduced in “Action comic” in 1952, she was shown to have rocketed by her parents from Krypton (while it was destroying) to earth. Kara Zor-El has all the strengths of her Kryptonian cousin Superman, Her character was built so powerful that it could pull her own series on the television (CW), also she has starred in multiple animated series, plus a solo series. Here are five facts about the character:

Not the First Supergirl

While Kara may be the present and the most famous Supergirl, she was not the first Supergirl, there have been 4 more Supergirls before her between 1943 and 1958. Lois Lane to gained Kryptonian powers and was names Super Woman, the title now held by Wonder Woman’s villain.


While Kara has had many origins, her most recent origin is a sad one, where she was sent to take care of her cousin and her pod gets knocked off and she wanders in the space for various years coming to Earth many years later than Superman.


Supergirl was kicked off from being on the cover image of “Superman/Batman- Apocalypse” because of her low popularity. Creators thought her being on the cover would reduce the sales, even when she actually was the main character.

Her Death


Her death in Infinite Crisis, at the time of DC Reboot because of the vice-president saying that she didn’t add much to the Kryptonian stories and was not a great character. What’s worse is that in the DC Reboot only Superman was the one who survived Kryptonian crisis and hence she existed no more.

Her Lover

SupergirlOne of her first romances was a horse. Yep, you read it right. Comet- the super horse was his name. He briefly gained a superpower to take human form, Bronco, however he dated her in her alter ego form. Linda Danvers. Neither did she know that it was her horse that she was dating.

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