10 Actors Who Will Never Be A Part of Superhero Films Again

Not all actors have a good run while playing superheroes, so here is a list of some of them who we will never see play superhero roles again:

Andrew Garfield

Garfield sure had a lot of fun playing his favorite superhero and wearing the red and blue suit. But he says that being a fan is more of his jam than being the part himself. Which would mean that we won’t be able to see the young lean actor playing another superhero soon again?

Jessica Alba

While the Fantastic 4 Films were absolute trash, there was something much worse than the direction. It was the director himself, this made Jessica Alba almost quit the entire acting business. She said, during a scene where she’s supposed to cry the director told her, “It looks too real. … Can you be prettier when you cry? … Don’t do that thing with your face. Just make it flat. We can CGI the tears in.”

Christian Bale

Bale is someone who undoubtedly will be THE BATMAN for most of the audience. The Welsh actor is really famous for being someone who totally gets into the actor. Not just talking about him transforming his body as he did especially for American Hustle and The Machinist, but in other means too, he is a great actor, so it is really sad to know that he is not at all enthusiastic about playing any more superhero roles. Even while on set he was really famous for his angry attitude because he felt suffocated in the suit and helmet that he wore.

Edward Norton

When Ed Norton came into being the new Hulk, everyone was overjoyed. This was not just because he resembled the ‘Puny Banner’ but also because he is a multiple Academy Award-nominated character. Norton made many unaccredited changes to the script, for the better. The actor also wanted to be in the editing of the film, but when Marvel refused, he said NO to doing the press, and well, since then it hasn’t been all the same.

Hugh Jackman

This undoubtedly has to be the saddest new of all the actors that have been on this list. 17 f***ing years this guy has been Wolverine. An entire generation grew up seeing him being their hero, and now he says, “Never Again”. It seems that the fans would just have to do with what they have, his memories.

Hugo Weaving

Hugo Weaving, again a critically acclaimed actor did star in an Avengers film. The actor played the role of the Nazi leader, Red Skull in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. That very film laid the foundation for all the Avengers Films to come. The actor said, not only he wouldn’t come as Red Skull again, but will never do a Marvel film again.

Sam Raimi

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man series was great, part 2 being the best. But the third part was absolute shit. This could be because Raimi was forced to include Venom in the film, even after him denying to do so. He didn’t believe in the characters and it showed on screen. God, don’t we wish that there was no Topher Grace’s Venom in the final part of the legendary Maguire series.

Jack Nicholson

Nicholson might not be as famous with the young generation due to Heath Ledger’s impeccable performance as the Joker, but the guy had a run of about 20 years, so yeah a big disappointment to the older generation who grew up seeing him as the Joker.

Mickey Rourke

He played the baddie Whiplash in ‘Iron Man 2’ which was actually a somewhat collapsed Rourke comeback and he himself said some strong words about how the filmmakers let him down. While promoting a different film, he told US presenter, Seth Meyers: “I’m not a Marvel fan. Once I did a Marvel film and they cut the whole goddamn thing out.”

Idris Elba

thor heimdall marvel fan theory infinity stone actors

Idris Elba had spent eight months enacting Nelson Mandela when he had to return to the supporting role of Heimdall in ‘Thor: The Dark World.’ “In between takes I was stuck there, fake hair stuck on to my head with glue, this f***ing helmet, while they reset. And I’m thinking: ‘24 hours ago, I was Mandela’…Then there I was, in this stupid harness, with this wig and this sword and these contact lenses. It ripped my heart out.” He told the Daily Telegraph in an interview.

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