10 Greatest Marvel Superheroes That Were Introduced Last Decade

Marvel Superheroes Introduced Last Decade:

The last decade has shown us that Marvel will never shy away from trying new concepts and ideas with their fans. A new breed of superheroes that is completely different from the older legacy superheroes that have dominated Marvel Comics for centuries has taken center stage. And they are about to gain huge popularity in the coming years.

 1. Riri Williams

It was a hard pill to swallow for many westerners when Marvel Comics announced that the successor to Tony Stark aka Iron Man, one of the flagship superheroes of Marvel Comics, will be a young African American Woman named Riri Williams. Some fans decided to protest that legacy characters were being tarnished in the name of diversity inclusion. But boy was they wrong in that assumption!!

Riri Williams was a genius whose intelligence rivalled that of Tony Stark. She brought along with her a fresher, never before explored take on the classic mantle of Iron Man. It only took a few issues for the protesting fans and critics to realize that they were wrong. Calling her-self Iron Heart, Riri Williams managed to bring down Latveria’s dictatorship single-handedly and joined the teen superhero team Champions.

 2. Sam Alexander

Marvel Superheroes Introduced Last Decade

The Nova Corps is an intergalactic peacekeeping force that serves the Xandarian World Mind. Each member of the Nova Corps has access to fantastic abilities like Telekinesis, Energy Manipulation, and the ability to fly unaided in space. The Nova Corps has been a vital component of the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Sam Alexander was the newest addition to the growing number of human Novas within the Marvel Universe.

Sam accidentally stumbled upon his father’s Nova helmet in his garage, took it for a spin and realized he had the potential to be a superhero. He was taught in the ways of the superhero by Rocket Raccoon and Gamora of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He has also appeared in the animated series Ultimate Spiderman and Guardians of the Galaxy.

 3. Ms Marvel

Marvel Superheroes Introduced Last Decade

Kamala Khan stormed into the scene merely around 7 years ago. But she has managed to gain a huge fan following. Marvel Comics was criticized to have reserved the most important superhero mantles for White characters. Kamala Khan broke that rule by becoming the first Pakistani American origin Superhero to assume the role of Ms. Marvel.

Superheroes Who Could Replace Spider-Man

Kamala Khan is an Inhuman who gained abilities after being exposed to the Terrigen Bomb that was exploded in Earth’s atmosphere by the Inhumans. Kamala is a very stubborn but highly optimistic superhero who never takes no for an answer and never gives up. Her spirit is re-enforced by her circle of friends that always support her in her efforts to make the world a better place in her own way.

 4. Superior Spider-Man

Marvel Superheroes Introduced Last Decade

When writer Dan Slott was found to be the one that came up with the idea of the Superior Spider-Man, he literally got death threats for coming up with this! Doctor Octopus was dying and to prove to the world that he could be a better Spider-Man than Peter Parker could ever be, he transferred his mind into Spider-Man’s. After realizing the true meaning of “With great power comes great responsibility”, Doctor Octopus found the error in his ways and tried to be a genuine superhero who wanted to save the world.

But since this is Doctor Octopus we are talking about, his arrogant attitude and his violent methods drew extreme ire and criticism from his other superhero peers who ostracized the Superior Spider-Man for stooping so low to get the job done. Peter Parker came back from the dead and took control of his body but the story of the Superior Spider-Man will be remembered forever.

 5. Spider-Gwen

When Marvel comes up with a new superhero, they generally tend to market it and advertise the coming to a new vigilante for the fans to take notice. But in the case of Spider-Gwen that was never the case! Spider-Gwen was drawn up as concept art by Robbi Rodriguez and Jason Latour wrote her up as an idea.

The pictures of Spider-Gwen were shared all over the internet which then soon went viral. Spider-Gwen was supposed to appear in a one-shot in the Spider-Verse saga but the fans liked her incredible design so much that she starred in her own solo series and absolutely rocked it.

 6. Kid Loki

Marvel Superheroes Introduced Last Decade

Loki has always been the trickster and a God of Mischief in the comic books. But Marvel gave him an amazing twist with Kid Loki. After the ‘Death’ of the original Loki, his essence was transferred to a kid living in Europe due to the Asgardian Cycle of Reincarnation. Kid Loki was just a kid with the abilities of Loki, the Norse God. He was a kind, quirky, and the gentle kid who wanted to save the world instead of burning it.

Marvel Superheroes Introduced Last Decade

The innocent Kid Loki was soon killed by the Original Adult version of Loki who then took over his body. But Kid Loki has to return because the fans have been pressing marvel to bring him back from the dead. And since it is the comic books, Death is just a word.

 7. Miles Morales

Miles Morales is the Spider-Man of Earth 1610. In that parallel universe, Peter Parker dies trying to protect his near and dear ones. The original Spider-Man is dead. Miles Morales, who already had Spider Powers at the time, feels guilty because he knew that he could have helped save his hero and idol from almost certain death.

Miles promises him-self that we will be a better person and assumes the role of the Ultimate Spider-Man. Miles Morales quickly makes his jump from the Ultimates Universe to the mainstream Marvel Continuity of Earth 616. There he teams up with the Peter Parker of this universe, joins forces with the Avengers, and even leads his own superhero team.

 8. Cosmic Ghost Rider

The Cosmic Ghost Rider is probably one of the best things that had happened to Marvel Comics in recent years. In the far future, Thanos has finally managed to conquer the universe by decimating the superheroes of Earth. Frank Castle was one of the superheroes who made the last stand against the Mad Titan and obviously lost the battle. But at the final moments of his death, Frank Castle made a deal with Mephisto, the Demon king of Hell.

In exchange for his soul, Frank Castle gained the immortal powers of the Spirit of Vengeance. Since all was lost and Frank had nothing to fight for, he decided to join hands with Thanos and even gained access to the Power Cosmic. He waited for the perfect moment to strike Thanos and kill him in one swift move when he let his guard down.

 9. Honey Badger

Marvel Superheroes Introduced Last Decade

The real name of the young superhero codenamed the Honey Bader is Gabrielle Kinney. And she is the second generation clone of Wolverine. Gabrielle Kinney is actually a younger clone of X-23. She is overwhelmingly cute and her antics are really funny. X-23 considers Gabrielle to be her protégé and acts as a mother figure to her.

Gabrielle Kinney had been absent in Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men but we hope she makes another appearance soon enough. The Honey Badger does not have adamantium clones as X-23 or Wolverine. Instead, she has bone claws as the original pre Weapon X Logan did.

 10. Jane Foster Thor

Jane Foster Thor

Like Iron Man, Thor too saw a radical change when the mantle was taken over by a woman. This time, just like Iron Man’s replacement in Riri Williams, the fans roared in unison to stop the move. And just like Riri Williams, Jane Foster proves everybody wrong by delivering a stellar storyline.

Captain Marvel Vs. Jane Foster Thor

Jane Foster, a dying cancer patient who is chosen by Mjolnir to be the new Goddess of Thunder, with each time she transforms her chemotherapy is undone little by little and slowly dragging her towards her death, was a story that resonated with a lot of fans and was quite heart-wrenching and heroic to look at. Jane Foster’s popularity soared so high that Marvel was forced to bring her back as the New Valkyrie after Jason Aaron’s run on Jane Foster’s Thor ended with her being killed in battle.

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