8 Deadliest Marvel Superheroes Who Are Almost Indestructible

There is a long-standing myth about the superheroes surrounding the genre that none of them kill, but those are not the superheroes but vigilantes. Marvel’s heroes operate in moral grace than the DC heroes who are known for their reluctance to kill. Well, almost all the superheroes are deadly with their superpowers. Here we bring you eight superheroes who are ‘really” deadliest.



Spider-Man can get really violent. He killed from the backward man in the comic book Spider-Man and The Iron Fist. Well, many may consider him justified in his actions. With great powers sometimes he falls victim to his own rage. Overall, he is one the deadliest Marvel superheroes.

The Hulk


When we are talking about deadly, Th Hulk can’t be missed. The character is known for smashing his enemies. He is a gentle loving character, but his incredible temper and rage cost several lives. His way of fighting and tearing away through the buildings seems really deadly. Across the Marvel comics, The Hulk has killed several Hulks and The Silver Surfer.

Captain America


Well, he is one of the characters when we talk about killing villains. In World War II, Captain America was a soldier and his killings are a huge part of the history. The graphic novel The Avengers – Endless Wartime features him using grenades on enemy planes but shows his ability as the deadliest superhero.



Being a ninja-assassin, there are lever number of kills under her belt. She has served to evil ninjas for years. She also succeeded to kill master cyborg John Perry and underused Marvel character. She is one of the deadliest women in Marvel.



With two sword and pistols, Deadpool has super healing power and is one of deadliest Marvel characters ever. He is notoriously hard to hit down. In one of Marvel comics, Deadpool once killed the whole Marvel Universe.


Talking about the deadliest superheroes, and Logan is not on the list… Well, it’s impossible. If we go by the number of people killed by a superhero in the movies then he’s undoubtedly at the top position.

Phoenix Force

Phoenix Force first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #101 in 1976. Being a sentient cosmic being, she is an amalgamation of the psychic and telepathic energies from around the Marvel universe. Her force is indestructible and that’s is what makes her immortal.

Captain Marvel

Created by Stan Lee and Gene Colon, Captain Marvel first appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes #12 in 1967. Her magical invulnerability and physical strength are so great that she is hard to be knocked down. He possesses superhuman strength, super speed, and magical lighting knowledge, which makes her indestructible.

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