5 Amazing Capabilities of ‘Iron Spider Armor’ You Might Not Know About

Peter Parker donned his Spider-Man costume when he was 15-years old after bitten by a Spider the enchanted his strength, agility, and flexibility. The battle of Morlun not only resurrected Spider-Man from the death but gave him a new sophisticated Iron Spider Armor. Thanks to his friend Tony Stark who appeared like an angel who saved him. Using his intelligence and Stark tech, Tony built an armor suitable to Spider Man’s personality giving Spidey a new ride. The armor was updated with incredible powers. Let’s check out the five most amazing abilities of Iron Spider Armor. 

1. Mechanical Spider Arms

The Iron Spider Armor consisted of mechanical spider arms which were fabricated from mono-atomic iron alloy crystal. It helped Spider-Man to handle and notice objects around him with the help of cameras. The suit incorporates golden arms which rest in a golden circle on his back and revert to the commands through neural net-detection.

2. Superstrong chest piece

Made from titanium nitrile fabric, the chest piece can contour as per the body and have certain panels to support the occupant. Inserted with a highly-powerful Kasimir Plate Batteries, the suit can generate 1.2kWatts of energy.

3. Mask Filter

This mask filter is the coolest capability of Iron Spider Armour, which is installed with a highly sophisticated precipitation system which can chemicals and biologically filters the suit. Moreover, it can compress air within the suit for 8 minutes under water.

4. Enhanced lenses

A large holographic lensing on the headpiece gives a panoramic view of the surroundings consisting of various modes of the optical spectrum. Fighting criminals with wide angle gave Spidey to act judiciously in bad predicaments.

5. Multi-layers

iron spider armor

The suit consists of a total of 17 layers with each of them having separate roles. Some of them are Moisture Pump, Suit Tension Layer, Repair Layer, Musculature Motility Layer, Conductivity Control, and Sensor Layer.

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