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10 Heralds of Galactus You May Not Have Heard of Before

With the advent of Phase IV of the MCU, we are getting a whole gamut of content that we had been patiently waiting for. One of the biggest rumors floating around is that Kang is not the real villain of this next phase of the MCU. In fact, a lot of people believe that Galactus is coming to the MCU soon. In that spirit we have collected 10 Heralds of Galactus You’ve never Heard of Before.

The Destroyer

This character may be recognizable to fans from the first Thor movie. It is a mindless suit of armor that was enchanted by Odin himself to act as a protector of Midgard, but soon The Destroyer was locked in the Temple of Darkness. Soon, we saw the character make it into the MCU and create its own conflict. It became the Herald of Galactus when Thor was looking for someone to replace his previous Herald, Firelord. When Galactus saw that the Destroyer was a mindless shell, he was ecstatic at this wonderful herald. You thought the suit of armor was scary in the MCU imagine him with cosmic powers.



You read that right, the man of steel was once a Herald of Galactus. It happened during a weird crossover arc where Superman traveled to Fantastic Four’s Universe after finding out that it was Galactus who destroyed Krypton. The Last son of Krypton is engulfed in Galactus’ device and remerges as a golden Herald. Needless to say, he makes quick work of the Fantastic Family, but they manage to remind him of his identity….. eventually.


Willie Lumpkin

This was more of a joke than anything else. In one of the panels of What If?, issue #34 there is a single panel asking the question What If? Willie was a Herald to Galactus. It is a comedic relief as the Fantastic Four opens the letter to find the statement – “Your planet will be eaten tomorrow.” Fans might remember the character from the Fantastic four, he was the one played by Stan Lee. Excelsior!!



Morg was one of the psychotic aliens that Galactus came across when on the prowl. Upon attempting to eat his planet Morg told Galactus that he had no love for the people but he would not go down without a fight. Galactus found this attitude commendable and wished to hire the man to work for him so he did just that. But soon it became clear to Galactus that giving the power cosmic to a deranged psychopath is not a good idea, even if you are in the world-devouring business.


Human Torch

In Fantastic Four #519 Galactus came to earth seeking to capture Sue Storm. He wanted to use her powers to discover planets that were veiled by illusions and hence out of his reach. Galactus had the belief that by enhancing Sue’s powers with the power cosmic he would be able to achieve this. Unbeknownst to the world devourer, Reed Richards switched the power of Sue Storm With Human Torch. Galactus then proceeded to capture Johnny and that is how Human Torch ended up in his service.


Aunt May

So this was technically just a dream of Peter Parker but in Marvel Team-Up #137 Aunt May turned into the Golden Oldie. She was babysitting Franklin Richards in a circus when Galactus tried to make Richards his Herald. Aunt May sought to intercept the world devourer and ended up turning into a Golden Herald. She then proceeded to collect every twinkie on earth in an attempt to satiate Galactus’ Hunger. One of the more absurd comic plots, in my opinion, but fun nonetheless.



Dazzler is one of the lesser-known X-men. She is a pop star mutant with the power to turn sound into light. In the comic  Dazzler #10 Galactus descended to earth to capture Dazzler and forcefully turned her into a Herald. He did this to enter the plane of the Black Holes to hunt down an older Herald by the name of Terrax. Dazzler’s powers were an essential part of Galactus’ plan.


Doctor Strange

Even the Sorcerer Supreme is not safe from the devourer of worlds. Galactus was exiled to the Mystic realm during a recent comic story and there he began to consume mystic magical entities in an attempt to satiate his hunger. Dr. Strange was concerned that this would make Galactus almost undefeatable if it keeps up. So in Doctor Strange #13 he agreed to become Galactus’ herald pledged to find him sustenance elsewhere. Soon this whole thing unraveled as Galactus’ powers began colliding with the magic in him deconstructing reality.


The Fallen one

The Fallen one was one of the first Heralds of Galactus, he even predates the silver surfer. This Herald was not particularly fond of his master and tried to end his life on numerous occasions. The fallen one’s failures only brought him frustration and anger. He even went toe to toe with The Mad Titan and he first appeared in Thanos #11. There is not much known about him other than what we have told you. Here is to hoping that this character makes it into the MCU someday.



This is a tale of an alternate universe where Galactus has the power to restore planets rather than destroying them. In this alternate timeline, he enlisted the help of sabertooth to fend off a crazed Silver Surfer. A very peculiar incident to be sure, but it happened all the same. We only wonder if the X-men’s foe would ever clash with Galactus in the MCU, we can sure hope so.

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