Dragon Ball: How Frieza’s Family Was Able To Rule Over The Saiyans

How Frieza’s Family Able To Rule Over The Saiyans?

Dragon Ball is one of the most famous anime franchises to ever exist. With a compelling plot, little to no continuity issues, and mind-blowing action sequences, there is no doubt that over the years Dragon Ball has managed to harness a fanbase so huge that even for the next few decades its fan can live off of the content that has already been put out.

We remember the Saiyans race was first introduced in Dragon Ball Z, with the first series not revealing at all that Son Goku was born far from Earth on the Planet Vegeta, and one super fan of the series has taken the opportunity to document the history of the Saiyan race and how Freeza played a role in the Warriors’ development as a species. First beginning as barbarians that wore attire that made them look like prehistoric figures, it was clear that Frieza and his father King Cold made the right decision in using the race for their nefarious purposes. They sent out huge Saiyan troops to various planets to kill the inhabitants and let Frieza and his father King Cold take control of whatever is left.

Frieza didn’t rely on the usefulness of the Saiyans for long, as he decided to blow up the Planet Vegeta thanks in part to his fear that a member of the race would eventually become a Super Saiyan and topple his rule. The tiny alien despot was proved right when he eventually came face to face with Son Goku, with the two coming to blows following Frieza killing Vegeta on the Planet Namek and Goku eventually becoming the long-awaited Super Saiyan to bring the pain to the well-known Dragon Ball villain.

Twitter User Todd Blankenship did an insanely detailed breakdown of the history of the Saiyans and how Frieza had a role in advancing the race via the technology of his armor that was able to give them the ability to travel the galaxy as well as wear some stylish armor that has become a staple for the brawlers:

Frieza is such a character that can never truly leave the franchise because of his very important connection to the Saiyan race and his obedience to Lord Beerus the God of Destruction as well. It was later on revealed that it was indeed Beerus who ordered Frieza to lay waste to the entire Saiyan race and Planet Vegeta. Frieza and the Saiyan race’s history was recently given a flashback in the popular movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, giving us our clearest look into the society of the alien race and how the alien despot was given the reins to point the Saiyans toward their own destruction.

Ever since Vegeta and Goku faced each other, both of them as a fighter has developed to a level that we cannot even fathom. The never-ending desire of Vegeta to surpass Goku has always pushed Vegeta beyond his limits. But Goku, as always, sticks true to his innocence and his desire to fight the best of the best in the world. Not to always win, but to gauge their power and to learn about new tricks. Vegeta, on the other hand, is too proud to accept when he is defeated, and we are no stranger to the fact that earlier he was a villain, but his character development throughout the year has been exceptional.

We saw how easily Vegeta was killed by Frieza when they first faced each other. Talking about character development, Vegeta got so strong that Frieza could not even lay a single finger on Super Saiyan Blue form of Vegeta when Frieza Gold was at his best. Now, we know that Vegeta and Goku are training Beerus and Whis to be the strongest there ever is. we all remember the iconic moment when Goku shocked the world of Gods when he reached the God level power called the Ultra Instinct. But that was not it, being the gifted fighter he is, he even managed to master the said technique which not one, even the almighty Zeno, could not believe for a while. And now, Vegeta has finally an alternate to match the level of Ultra Instinct.

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After learning Ultra Instinct from Merus, the fighters use the technique to defeat Moro in the manga’s previous arc, and in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68, we see Goku testing his newly found abilities against Whis. But, again, he ended up being no match to Whis, and then Whis goes to educate Goku about different levels of Ultra Instinct, and the hero would have to develop their own styles to become more powerful. Then we see Vegeta and Beerus brawl, and Vegeta claims that he doesn’t want to learn Ultra Instinct.

On this, Beerus tells Vegeta that Ultra Instinct is not the only technique of Gods. Beerus says, “Ultra Instinct ain’t the only technique of the gods.” This surprises Vegeta, and Beerus tells him that Ultra Instinct is more meant for Angels, remarking, “Didja really think us Gods of Destruction would run around using a move where you gotta keep your heart all calm and tranquil?”

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Vegeta and Goku have different approaches, but one thing is to note that Frieza was resurrected by Whis for his efforts to save Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power. So it will be safe to say that Frieza can, and will return with new tricks up his sleeve.

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