JK Rowling Reveals There Are Two Harry Potters in the Wizarding World

The last ‘Harry Potter’ book may have released almost a decade ago but all Potterheads wait for new trivia and information about the Potter world from our loved queen JKR. She has given us extra insight into the wizarding world from time to time and she is back with some more facts for us to enjoy. In her latest addition to Pottermore (the digital heart of the wizarding world), JKR has revealed some information regarding the origin of Harry’s name and some facts about the Potter family. In this latest post, she has revealed that there are actually TWO HARRY POTTERS in the wizarding world.

two harry pottersYes, you read it right two Harry Potters! Now before you go on picturing Harry’s twin or another individual using the polyjuice potion to take Harry’s form etc, we would like to bring some clarity into this.

So JKR has revealed some historical facts about the Potter ancestry telling us about a new character called Henry Potter who was more commonly known as Harry Potter. So this new guy was actually the paternal grandfather of James Potter and who inspired James and Lily to name their kid Harry. So what makes this old HP cool?

JKR answers that too and tells us that old Harry Potter was a part of the Wizengamot (judicial court for wizards and witches) from 1913-1921. He accused Archer Evermonde (Minister of magic in that era) of forbidding wizards to help muggles in the first world war. This courageous act by him caused quite a stir in the wizarding community. Along with this revelation, JKR has also added some more facts to the Potter family tree and revealed how James Potter’s parents died because of a disease called dragon pox and could never meet their grandson Harry Potter, who went on to become the most famous wizard in the magical world.

This new piece of information has definitely filled Potterheads with joy as they now know the story of Harry’s ancestors and a loose end has been tied. These little facts make us all love this fandom even more as it never stops growing and still never gets old! (did you get it?) let us hope that JK Rowling will keep us all hooked by dropping new pieces of trivia from time to time and we are also hoping for something special to happen as the last day of July is coming soon!

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