Did You Know Thor Has a Dog That Came Literally From Hell? “Thori” May be Coming to MCU

Thor Has a Dog Came From Hell “Thori” Coming to MCU:

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of superheroes. It has also a fair share of very popular supervillains. But there is something missing. After Thanos wiped out half the universe and many of our favorite superheroes died or retired undoing the Mad Titan’s actions, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become somewhat of a dark joyride. It needs some love. It needs to go back to its cute place again. But what could be that one thing the Marvel Movies need to become lovable again? A pet maybe!! Thor has got us, covered folks. If all things do go well, then Thor’s lovable hell hound might be coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We are not even kidding here. This could actually be possible.

Thor Has a Dog “Thori” Coming to MCU

We already have a Superhero pet. Captain Marvel introduced us to the cute and cuddly Goose, the alien Flerken with a mouth large enough to ingest an Infinity Stone. Goose won our hearts and minds, and as one of the greatest highlights of the rather monotonous Captain Marvel movie. In more ways than one, Goose became even more famous than Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel – the very titular character of the movie venture. Marvel has recognized the trends after Social Media turned Goose into an overnight sensation. And they have decided to rework that magic again. This time, they want Thori – the talking Hel-Hound that roams around with Thor in the Marvel Comic Book Universe, to walk the same path as Captain Marvel and Goose did once upon a time.

Who is Thori?

Thor Has a Dog Came From Hell “Thori” Coming to MCU

Doug Braithwaite and Kieron Gillen created the character for Thor in Journey into Mystery #632. It was in the year 2012 that Thori came into the scene. Thor was entrusted with this dog and he has gone on several grand adventures with him to save the day. Thori is like just any normal earthling dog. The only difference is – he does not bark like his earthly brethren. Thori can speak. That’s right – Thori is a Talking Dog. Thor also has other supernatural powers. Like Goose can shoot tentacles out of his mouth that can help him ‘harvest’ anyone and anything in his path, Thori has powers of fire manipulation, super speed, and the ability to survive and fly unaided in the vacuum of space. That is apart from his ability to talk folks!! How cool is this mutt.

Thor Has a Dog Came From Hell “Thori” Coming to MCU

Thori has flames coming out of either side of his mouth because he is a Hel-Hound and that is a natural trait found in all of his kind. Thor found Thori residing in a cave near to Asgard. Thori was being taken care of by Leah. Leah soon died in an un-associated accident and then Thori was taken care of by Loki. The Norse God of Mischief betrayed Thori and the Hel-Hound found him-self under the tutelage of his father – Hel-Wolf. Thori was also once a member of the Pets of Evil Masters, a rather infamous group of pets belonging to various super-villains.

Thori’s parents are Hel-Wolf and Garm of Hel. He is one of seven puppies that were born of the four-legged union. Hela holds Loki somehow responsible for the birth of the puppies and so she gives them all away to him to take care. Loki, unable to cope up with the responsibility of taking care of seven Hel-Hounds, gives six of them away to various individuals. Tyr and Warlock get female Hel-Hounds. While Thori’s brothers end up in the care of Mephisto, Gaea, and Heimdall, One Hel-Hound was auctioned off on the internet. Heimdall named his Hel-hound Hati. Each Hel-Hound is an asset in and of itself. They are loyal to their masters and are known to be extremely loyal and obedient. Thori was the only one that ended up under Loki’s care but he betrayed the guy, which is how it ended up in a cave, under the secret care of Leah. Leah’s death prompted Thor to take charge of the Hel-Hound puppy.

Thor Has a Dog Came From Hell “Thori” Coming to MCU

Thori is also called the Death Ripper. And there is a very valid reason for such an adorable guy getting such a deadly name. When Thori was young, he had his first brush with death. And by death, we mean Thori killing someone in cold blood. Thori’s thirst for murder led him to develop an indomitable rage that could end up consuming him if his master does not control and tame the guy to his senses. Thori’s urge to kill and destroy also stems from his parentage. He is the child of Garm, a Hel-Hound who is known to be a harbinger of chaos. Thori is the most volatile and violent of all his siblings.

But let us make you sure of one fact – despite his destructive tendencies, Thori is actually an object of humor and comic relief. His greatest appearance in the comic books will always be in the Unworthy Thor series. Thor ends up incarcerated in one of The Collector’s Prison. As the Norse God tries to look for a way to escape the captivity of the Elder of the Universe, he listens to a voice from an adjacent cell. It is Thori, who is prompting form the other side of the room for Thor to stick his fingers through his cell bars so that Thori can devour them. Thor has better things to do and asks Thori to go to Hel. To that, Thori replies that he actually considers Hel home. Thor is then seen asking “A Man of the Underworld?” Thori has had several other such hilarious appearances.

Thor Has a Dog Came From Hell “Thori” Coming to MCU

Thor and Thori start out as friendly rivals. Thori is still hell-bent on killing Thor and eating his corpse. But both realize they share a mutual hatred for Loki, Thor’s brother, and Thori’s previous master. Loki has ended up betraying them both on multiple occasions. Thor and Thori start bonding and the next thing we know, Thor is actually fighting alongside Thori against the Black Order aka the Children of Thanos. Thor and Thori’s relationship developed pretty well and unlike Captain Marvel and Goose, they did not end up becoming friends at first sight (which by the way looked so artificial and unnatural so to speak)!!

The current Coronavirus pandemic is turning the entertainment industry upside down. The Marvel Cinematic Universe, the world’s most profitable movie franchise in human history, has also been affected. Thor 4, titled Thor – Love and Thunder, has also suffered production and schedule delays due to the world entering a global lockdown. Taika Watiti is known for adding comic tones to his movies. Thori is going to be a vehicle to do just that. But can it create the same magic as Goose did in Captain Marvel? That is something we all have to wait to find out.

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