Marvel: Unknown Facts About Doctor Strange’s Cloak of Levitation

Facts About Doctor Strange’s Cloak of Levitation:

Marvel superhero Doctor Strange is gradually displaying a rising graph ever since Benedict Cumberbatch made its debut in the MCU. Doctor Stephen Strange was a surgeon whose tragic circumstances in a life forced him to study the mystic arts and become a master of it eventually. He is now the Sorcerer Supreme who holds unfathomable powers beyond human understanding. The red cloak is a part of the signature style and appearance of Doctor Strange without which he is incomplete. The Cloak of Levitation has more purpose than just serving as his wardrobe. It is its own entity and assists Doctor Strange with its powers. We have discussed below 9 facts about the cloak that every Marvel fan must know of before we get the sequel Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness.

 1. Debut

The Red Cloak made its debut after Doctor Strange freed Earth from the malicious grasps of Dormammu. It happened in Strange Tales #127 when Doctor Strange was battling against Dormammu in the Dark Dimension but decided to offer him aid in defeating the Mindless Ones. Mindless Ones were extra-dimensional humanoid creatures that had no mind of their own but only brought havoc on someone else’s order. In exchange for its support, Dormammu decides to stay away from Earth. Impressed with Doctor Strange’s strategy, the Ancient One rewards him with the red cloak.

 2. Blue not Red

The popular cloak that is recognized for its color red used to be blue originally. The blue cloak was less powerful and therefore the red one is its updated version. It made its first appearance in Lesser Cloak of Levitation that earned the title for the lesser powers of the blue cloak. But it only took months for Marvel to replace it with the better one.

 3. Customized Look

Facts About Doctor Strange’s Cloak of Levitation

The cloak displayed shapeshifting abilities too when Doctor Strange upgraded it into a powerful kimono and trench coat looking outfits. Needless to say, Strange pulled off all the 3 looks impressively.

 4. Powers

Disney has got not one but two Aladins with MCU’s Doctor Strange. Instead of a broom, Tony Stark’s wizard ally Doctor Strange uses the Cloak of Levitation to fly. As the name already suggests, it can float in the air and travel in super speed carrying Doctor Strange. The Sorcerer Supreme has also been seen using the cloak as a magic carpet.

 5. Acts As A Weapon

Captain America is not the only one with a shield. The Supreme Sorcerer wraps himself with the cloak which acts as a shield from lethal danger. The shield can also be used as a dangerous weapon, helping Strange in killing his enemies.

 6. Its Drawbacks

Facts About Doctor Strange’s Cloak of Levitation

The cloak is like a double-edged sword for Strange. Despite holding magical powers, the cloak has its flaws and weaknesses, for it has destroyed and restored on numerous occasions in the comic book. In one such instance, it was burnt by the giant, Zom while he and Strange were combatting against each other. But Strange worked on the destroyed cloak and revived it. On another occasion, the leader of Robots from Empirikul tore apart the cloak, almost killing Doctor Strange.

 7. Alternate Versions

Avengers: Infinity War Doctor Strange Time Stone

In one of the alternate universes of Marvel, the cloak ended up in the hands of Thanos who used it for its master’s death. The Mad Titan hanged Doctor Strange with the Cloak of Levitation. In another version from the future when the universe was under Hulk’s control, an evil version of his friend Rick Jonas lays hands on the powerful cloak at his alternate ego’s museum.

 8. Loki With The Cloak

Earth was unprotected and in need of a new protector after Doctor Strange retired from his position. It encouraged Loki to step forward for the role and mend the ripped cloak with the Asgardian thread.

 9. Comics and Movie Versions

Facts About Doctor Strange’s Cloak of Levitation

MCU has been quite liberal in adding its own imaginations and altering some facts from the comic books. Cloak of Levitation was seen as an owner of its actions and moving on its free will. Infinity War & Endgame is a classic and hilarious example of it. But that wasn’t the case in the comics where the cloak wouldn’t move an inch without its master’s commands.

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