4 Comic-Book Moments That Made Thanos The Most Terrifying Villain Ever

One of the strongest and the monstrous Eternals, Thanos has demonstrated his super strength and god-level powers that he can smash the shot of anybody who interrupts his way. His manifestation of Death and aggressiveness is strong that he killed millions of people in a single flick. He has the power to destroy entire planets. Moreover, he knocked every superhero down to the death easily. Check out these facts which show why Thanos is the most monstrous villain of the comic book universe.

1. Recruitment of soldiers and army


After being augmented by the Eternal powers and strengths than rest of the Titanian Eternals, Thanos can go to any level to fulfill his desire of conquest. He stole a starship of one of his Eternals and headed on to recruit his own army and soldiers. And then he proceeds to drop a bomb on the Titan’s world and even didn’t spare his mother Sui-San.

2. Fascination with death

Monstrous Villain

His fascination towards death became a reality when he met the incarnation of Death in female form. Nihilism and his hunger to genocide don’t even spare his close ones and can go to any length to achieve death. His quest for new powers has always caused irregularity in lives of people.

3. Cosmic Cube

After he exploded his first nuclear weapon, Thanos catches on Cosmic Cube object to utilize it in his own way. He gets control over the reality-changing devices and controlled it to give commands to the whole universe. Moreover, he used the Cube to amplify his powers personally.

4. Thanos fights Avengers and Kree Captain Marvel

After he revamped himself into a highly powered being, Thanos faces off Avengers and Kree Captain Marvel. After it’s used he believed that Cube was useless, so he discarded it. But then, Mar-Vel proceeds to restore the universe to its previous form and bangs the cube. These all things ended up in converting him into Monstrous Villain.

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