Marvel Just Made Deadpool The New Batman of Marvel Universe!!!

Deadpool is known for his fourth-wall breaking antics that always manage to hit a home run in terms of sheer hilariousness. Deadpool references a lot of things that fall well beyond the jurisdiction of Marvel Comics. But this time he might have totally hit the ball out of the park. Marvel just took a huge dig at DC Comics. They have made Deadpool reference someone that is a core DC property and perhaps DC might not take this in kind. There just might be a possibility of a silent comic book cold war after this. Presenting – Marvel just made Deadpool the new Batman of Marvel Universe!!!

Deadpool the new Batman of Marvel Universe

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Deadpool: The End #1 up ahead. I you still have not read it yet, we suggest you look away…..

When it comes to Deadpool, no one can escape his eyes. At least that is what the overlords at Marvel are trying to say to us. Marvel has given us just how Deadpool: The End will turn out to be. The Avengers are going to be roped into a lot of fourth wall breaking drama if Deadpool’s inclination towards references of DC characters is of any indication.

Okay before we dive in any further, there needs to be a little bit of explanation as to how and why this has happened in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Marvel has a strange fascination towards chaos and death. They keep making story lines about what would superheroes do and where would they be at the end of times. What would happen at the end of the Marvel Universe – is a question they keep asking them-selves and coming up with crazy concepts to address the same. They once made Thor the guardian of Earth and the last King of Asgard only to make him fight a Phoenix Force possessed Wolverine for the fate of the universe. Other issues saw the death of Spiderman and revealed that Venom is pretty much immortal and just cannot die.

Deadpool the new Batman of Marvel Universe

In case of Deadpool, the case is a bit different. At the end of the Marvel Universe, Deadpool, who is also un-killable and immortal, is not going to be a superhero because Marvel has decided a different fate for him. He will be the villain and boy will he be a crazy one at that. Deadpool is going to be the craziest and most sinister villain of all time in the Marvel Universe as the cradle of creation stops swinging and breathes its last.

Mike Hawthorne and Joe Kelly do make an interesting story line to reveal to us the final moments of Deadpool. But since Deadpool has never been much of a “rules guy”, he decides that the Marvel Universe deserves a fate different than what the writers have in store for him. So instead, he jumps out of his own after-life and becomes the new Batman. To be precise, he embraces the darkness within to become The Batman Who Laughs, a new villain in the DC Universe who is basically a combination of Batman and the Joker.

Deadpool the new Batman of Marvel Universe

Deadpool’s transition into pure maniacal villainy also means a different end for the rest of the Marvel Superheroes. Tony Stark reverts back to his golden days of alcoholism and Thor too decides to become one with the night and a wannabe Bruce Wayne in the making. The after-effects of Deadpool becoming the Marvel equivalent of The Batman Who Laughs are interesting as well as hilarious. Let us see how the next issue of Deadpool: The End turns out to be. For now, this is enough to keep us laughing for days!!

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