Marvel: 10 Times Spider-Man Was Forced To Kill His Enemies

Spider-Man Forced To Kill His Enemies:

It isn’t in the friendly-neighborhood Spider-Man’s nature to be on a destructive on kill mode. The teenage Peter Parker has an innocent heart that sees the good in people. Like Batman and Superman, Spidey also follows a no-kill policy even though he never said it explicitly. He strictly follows the mantra “With great power comes great responsibility” since he has to protect his identity and the people around him. But some ugly situations have forced Spidey to break his no-kill policy and do the unlikely.

 1. Massacre

Peter’s mind was partially compromised when Doctor Doom grabbed control over his body. It led to the emergence of a new Spider-Man who continued to protect the innocents but didn’t spare his enemies. When the new Spidey’s path crossed with Massacre’s who was responsible for genocide, Doctor-Doom-controlled-Spider-Man shot him to death.

 2. Green Goblin

Gwen Stacy’s death in all the universes rendered different outcomes. While Peter was still processing and mourning his loss in the original universe, the Spider-Man from the alternate universe didn’t stop until he had killed Green Goblin and turned himself into one.

 3. Doctor Octopus

Spider-Man Forced To Kill His Enemies

In an alternate of Earth of Marvel, Spider-Man decides to wipe off all the villains on the face of the planet. This ideal gets him fired from the Avengers team but he refuses to deter. The impossible occurs as Spider-Man goes on a rampage to kill all his enemies including Doctor Octopus. He stabs Doctor Octopus with his on tentacles in cold blood.

 4. Vulture

Spidey didn’t kill his nemesis Vulture in the heat of the moment but it was, to our surprise, a well-planned murder. It takes place in an alternate universe where Uncle Ben’s death at the hands of Vulture turns Spider-Man morose.  After eating up Parker’s uncle, Vulture moves to his target, Aunt May, oblivious to the fact that she was used as bait by Spider-Man. He advances towards her, he is ambushed by Spidey who kills Vulture without blinking.

 5. Gwen Stacy

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Even though Gwen Stacy is being counted, Peter wasn’t to be blamed for this. When Green Goblin pushed Gwen off the bridge, Peter tried everything in his power to save his ultimate love. As he managed to grab her with his Spider web, the abrupt halt to her fall led to a jerk in her neck, ultimately taking her life.

 6. Venom

Spider-Man Venomverse Sony

Peter gets to kill his biggest archenemy in an alternate timeline when he gets older. On learning about Venom’s plan to implant explosives in Sinister Six to enforce loyalty, Spider-Man leverages on it by blowing up the whole gang including Venom.

 7. Whisper and Pulse

This takes place in a battle between Spider-Man and a team of Whisper and Pulse. Pulse aka Augustus was a mutant and an ally of Mystique who had the ability to produce pulse waves from his eyes that could impair other mutants, electronic systems, and humans. Aware of Pulse’s strengths, Peter resorted to his genius and strategic mind. He grabbed Whisper and used him as a shield against the pulse-waves. Tricked by Peter, Pulse ends up killing Whisper and himself.

 8. The Finisher

The Finisher was a hitman, appointed by Red Skull to wipe out Spider-Man from his way. The hitman resorted to missiles to kill the friendly-neighborhood kid. As he launched the missiles at Spider-Man, the latter dodged the ballistics and cast them back at Finisher.

 9. Charlie

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Spider-Man accidentally killed Charlie when he had teamed up with Wolverine. When Spidey and Wolverine rescued her from KGB, she persuaded Wolverine to kill her, for she knew a lot about KGB. This put the 2 heroes at a dissent thus forcing them to fight each other. In order to stop Wolverine, Spider-Man was forced to throw a super punch at him, only to learn later that he was tricked to punch Charlie which turned out to be lethal for her.

 10. Drom the Backwards Man

Spider-Man Forced To Kill His Enemies

Drom possessed a mirror that allowed him to age backward or freeze it. In spite of being partially immortal, Drom adopted to wicked and unspeakable activities which provoked Spider-Man to shatter the mirror. The smashing reversed all the magic and wiped out Drom from existence.

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