10 Marvel and DC Characters Who Are Immortal

Comic characters are the most mysterious elements of comic book world because you don’t that your favorite character is dead in the first issue where writers have already planned their revival revived in any issue in the series. They are sticking around in the individual storylines and then they die in any crossover. So here we bring you ten comic book characters from both Marvel and DC who just can’t die.

Ra’s al Ghul

Ra’s al Ghul made his debut in Batman comic #232 decades back, the character has been altogether upgraded and was made a big name who deserves to feature in a Batman film.

The Hulk

At the point when the Hulk is at his maddest, he is unquestionably at his most grounded … so solid, truth be told, that he can beat nearly anybody, even his adjust sense of self, Bruce Banner. In the epic 2002 Hulk: The End one-shot, Hulk, and Banner are the main survivors of an atomic holocaust that has assaulted Earth. With nobody (apart from cockroaches) left to fight or chat with, they are left to share the attached planet – in one body. Too bad, even a whole planet isn’t sufficiently huge to house both the Hulk and Banner.


Wolverine is one of Marvel’s strongest superheroes in the comic book world. Due to his strong healing powers, he has one of the strongest healing powers and ‘X-Men in Australia’ is the best epitome, where he heals himself from after a bomb explosion.

Vandal Savage

Vandal Savage is one of the strongest DC superheroes who began as a mountain man in 50,000BC and picked up his eternality (and incredible judgment) in the wake of being washed by the radiation from a secretive shooting star. From that point forward, he has been a consultant to the absolute most persuasive individuals ever.

Painkiller Jane

Jane Vasko mends from awful wounds in a matter of minutes. To adapt to the agony, she needs to pop painkillers, henceforth the moniker. Regardless of a couple of outstanding hybrids (Punisher, Hellboy, Darkness, and Vampirella) and two TV stretches, this underutilized Joe Quesada-Jimmy Palmiotti creation is still immature and requires time to assemble more profundity and build up her character/cause.


The savage last Czarnian can be revived from only a drop of his blood, much the same as how Groot is regrown from a solitary tree limb. Lobo is best associated with promoting the expression “bastich”, however, he needs to venture up his comic-book endeavors to build his prominence.



Dubbed as Slade Wilson, the superhero who is quite identical to Headshot and Deadpool, is super smart, super fast and super strong. Just like Deadpool he has a quick healing ability. The character can defeat the death and can overcome any injury.




Also, known as Wade Wilson, Deadpool has the ability of quick healing which makes him immune to all diseases. He is pretty reflexive in fighting and knows well how to use his pistols and swords. And yes, this comic book character is immortal too!

The Immortal


The Immortal appeared as a supporting character in Robert Kirkman’s Invincible. The character regained to life after being beheaded in an early issue. And the lamest part was when some villains reattached his head to his body.


comic charactersWhen you’re Death itself/herself, it makes sense that you most likely incredible. Both DC and Marvel have their own adaptations of Death. The previous’ most popular Death is the ankh-wearing Goth pixie in the Sandman funnies, while the Marvel form is likewise female, yet is a more customary “skeleton in an unpropitious hood” sort of character. Still, that didn’t prevent a specific supervillain from beginning to look all starry eyed at her …

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