10 Big Mysteries of DCEU That Fans Desperately Want To Know About

In just 4 movies, DC has introduced us to so many aspects of the entire Extended Universe. Other than that, so many movies are under development which has created even more questions in our minds and it is very unlikely that they’ll be answered real soon. Hopefully, Justice League solves as many mysteries as possible. Here is a list of questions that we have about the DCEU.

How does Superman return from the dead??

Well, this will always remain a mystery that how does someone who is dead coming back to life. Superman was pretty brutally killed by Doomsday and we all know that he will be back, but how? Justice League has managed to keep it a big suspense till now, we all keep scratching our heads that how will this happen in the DCEU? Will Steppenwolf be the one to revive him?

Where is Dick Grayson??

A while ago, a Nightwing movie was announced and the script for the movie is already under works as The Lego Batman director Chris Mckay has helmed it. But until now, there have been no mentions of him at all and that makes everyone wonder that where exactly is Dick Grayson in the DC Extended Universe and why haven’t we heard anything about him till now?

Where are the Lanterns??

In the latest Justice League trailer, Steppenwolf clearly mentioned that there are no protectors on earth anymore, no Lanterns, no Kryptonian, and this world will fall, like all the others. So this means that the Lanterns were already protecting this planet earlier but now they seem to be absent. So where are the Lanterns now? Was it Abin Sur who was protecting Earth till now or does Hal Jordon Green Lantern already exist?

How has Diana hidden her Identity for a Century??

We saw in the Wonder Woman movie how Diana came out in the front and protected everyone. People saw word must have gone around. Also, Wonder Woman 2 is coming in 2019 and that will be set up during the 1980s during the Cold War. So this is a big mystery that how do people not know about Wonder Woman at all for these last 100 years or so.

Is Steve Trevor actually dead??

Wonder Woman 2 is going to come out in 2019 and ever since that announcement was made, we all have been wondering that will be the movie miss out on one of its biggest highlights from the first one, i.e. Steve Trevor. They would surely want to bring him back but how will they do that because he died at the end of WW. But is he actually dead? Planes do have something called parachutes, right?

How is Lois Lane “The Key”??

In Batman V Superman, we saw Flash come back in time to warn Bruce Wayne about Lois Lane. He said that “Lois is the Key” and Bruce was always right about Superman. This is still a big question mark for even the die-hard DC fans. What did this indicate? Is the Injustice Storyline coming? Is Lois going to die in the future? Why is she the key?

How many people know Batman’s secret identity??

In Batman V Superman, we saw that Luthor already knew about Batman being Bruce Wayne. In the end, Lois found out too. In Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller knew about it. In Justice League, the entire team is going to know about that. So how many people is Batman going to let know of his secret identity? Well, the number of people knowing over here is way more than the previous versions of Batmen.

What Happened to those Kryptonian Scouting Parties?

There’s an enduring mystery which Man of Steel left behind, and it concerns those Kryptonian scouting parties the movie simply went past. When Zod was telling about his plan to terraform Earth into Krypton, he mentioned that Kryptonians have been traveling the world in search of new Life forms but were unsuccessful. But were all of them really? A crazy theory suggests that the Amazonians and the Atlanteans were actually the descendants of Kryptonians who stayed on Earth.

Why did Lex call Steppenwolf??

We know that Lex was crazy and insane, but he is one of the most intelligent people on the planet and why would he want to do such a world ending thing. He said at the end of BvS that the bell has been rung and they’ve heard his call. But why? What is his motive behind this?

Who was Alfred talking to at the end of JL trailer??


The biggest mystery surrounding the JL trailer is that who came to visit Alfredat the end of the trailer? Was it Superman, Abin Sur or SHAZAM? Thing point more towards Superman as he mentions ‘Hope’ in a sentence giving a nod to the ‘S’ on Superman’s chest, but the other two are possible as well. Who knows!

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