Ezra Miller Gets Arrested For The Second Time In The Same Month

Ezra Miller is not having the best year as fans might have expected due to his involvement in two major projects of the year. Celebrities making it to the news with reports of misbehaviour and misconduct is nothing new. This often ends up affecting the performance of their movies at the box office or some major changes to the project. If the charges are absolutely terrible, the studio might decide to make changes to the project to prevent the star from being associated with it. The Flash star Ezra Miller seems to be making it to the news for quite some time. Let us have a look at why Ezra Miller gets arrested again in the same month. 

Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller is one of the most recognized actors in the industry with a variety of projects under his belt. Their acting prowess came into notice with his role as Kevin in the Lynne Ramsey directed feature We Need To Talk About Kevin. Even though they would go about various supporting roles in the years following that, he did not stop proving his acting skills on the screen. This would actually pave the way for them to join two of the biggest franchises in the industry. Fans might remember them as Credence from Fantastic Beasts movies while fans of DC Comics will remember them as Flash in the DC Extended Universe. 

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Ezra Miller gets arrested

Recently the actor appeared in the third entry to the Fantastic Beasts franchise, the Secrets of Dumbledore. This movie saw an interesting turn in the character’s arc, something that was majorly hinted at in the previous entry to the franchise. There is a chance that their character might have survived till the end of the movie, but it will only be confirmed in the next entry. This is not the only major project the actor is supposed to appear in considering, we were supposed to see them appear in The Flash, which would be the first solo entry to the DCEU for the character. But things might have taken a rather interesting turn for the actor.

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Ezra Miller Is Arrested Again

KITV released the news that the actor has been arrested once again due to a complaint of a second-degree assault. According to the news, Miller is scheduled to appear in the court Tuesday in order to enter a plea on the charges from March. The incident took place at a home in Pahoa after about 1:00 in the morning. Miller was enraged when he was asked to leave and thus threw a chair and struck a 20-year-old woman in the head. This resulted in a half-inch cut and Miller ended up being arrested half an hour later and being released around 4:00 AM pending further investigation.

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Earlier this year, the actor was involved in another such incident where he was arrested for harassing a couple in a Karaoke Bar. This is not actually that old considering the actor was arrested just over three weeks ago. They were charged with disorderly conduct and harassment because they yelled out obscenities and physically assaulted the other customers. These cases aren’t the only few as the actor has been involved in similar situations before.

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How Will This Affect His Upcoming Projects? 

Miller’s upcoming DCEU entry is surely one of the most hyped projects in the franchise. It has been under development for quite a long time and it is going to bring a massive change to the arc of the characters in the DCEU and the narrative of the franchise as a whole. The movie has been delayed from a release this year to the next one. Even though none of these reports has affected Miller’s latest release, Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore. It would be interesting to see how this might end up impacting his DCEU project as the movie has already had a test audience viewing. The Flash will be released in theatres worldwide on June 23, 2023.

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Ezra Miller gets arrested again, what are your views on it? Will The Flash movie get affected because of him? comment down your answers.

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