15 Marvel Characters Every Fan Wants To See In Post-Endgame MCU!!

The epic saga has finally come to an end. Justice has prevailed. The Good has triumphed. The superheroes won the battle. But it came at a terrible cost. The world will perhaps never come to terms with the amount of loss they had to suffer that makes the victory of the superheroes in Avengers: Endgame an almost pyrrhic one. Now the fate of the MCU rests on the new generation of heroes. MCU Phase 4 will take us into a whole new world. And that world will see the debut of a lot more interesting Marvel characters of Marvel Comics. Here is our pick of the top 15 most anticipated Marvel characters we want to make it to that list.

Ms Marvel


Since Marvel Studios and its parent company Walt Disney Entertainment are all about political correctness these days, the one character they would most definitely not want to miss is Ms Marvel aka Kamala Khan. Her Muslim heritage would truly play to their cards and her comic book origins that tie her to Captain Marvel can also be used here, since Captain Marvel has already been introduced in the MCU. Her bubbly personality and her teenage superhero status make her the next teen heart-throb break out star after Tom Holland’s Peter Parker.


This one is pretty much a given. The King of the Seven Seas has only been partly mentioned and hinted at in the MCU movies. In the comics, he is always a vital player plot-wise and is a major asset to the Avengers. His somewhat of an anti-hero status also makes him a superhero that can operate in the grey moral area, where only one superhero (the Punisher) walks seamlessly as of now. Namor’s Atlantean roots could also be explored in depth.


Captain Marvel Spider-Woman

There are several women who have claimed the mantle of Spider-Woman for themselves. But like Bruce Wayne is the on true Batman no matter who dons the cowl, Jessica Drew is the one that a majority of the fans consider to be the true Spider-Woman. Her witty come-backs and hilarious replies make her comic book issues a must-read. In the comics, Drew is a private investigator. It would be cool if they manage to bring that part of her life to the movie. But right now, Sony owns the right to Spider Woman. So a deal must be negotiated with them before anything of that sort is even started to be considered.


Some would prefer the Richard Rider version of this superhero we would say Sam Alexander fits the role much better in the MCU. That is solely because Sam Alexander’s origin story arc is way more relatable than Rider’s will ever be. Xandar and the Nova Corps have already been introduced in the MCU thanks to GOTG Volume 1. The Xandarian homeworld is in ruins and the rest of the world could easily be construed into the Worldmind collective, the creator of the Nova Corps.


Venom Concept Art

Tom Hardy did a phenomenal job as the anti-hero wall-crawler Venom. There is no character as vile and yet as lovable as Venom. Eddie Brock and his volatile relationship with the Venom symbiote make him a good plot driver and a character that could be banked on to form a franchise. We would love to see him interact with the other MCU superheroes. Surely that would be a sight to behold.


Laura is no longer Fox property. She belongs to Disney now. With the Disney-Fox merger done for, X-23 is now coming into the MCU. And if the Studio permits, she could be more than just an accessory. She could feature in her own movie if Marvel Studios permit her. Given the fact that she is still young and has already an established fan base, she could be a huge star with signings for multiple movie projects.

Silver Surfer

When you factor in the Outer Space component, the MCU can grow pretty huge. Considering that is where the MCU is headed right now, why not make the most out of it while you are ahead and introduce the metal skinned cosmic surfer while you are at it. He could make his debut in GOTG Volume 3 and then go on to star in his own series, where he fights cosmic threats like Galactus on a daily basis.


Bishop is a mutant superhero from an alternate timeline. He travels to the present timeline to kill another mutant superhero Cable. Bishop’s time travel component can make him a worthy addition to the MCU. His story could be one akin to a 12 Monkeys or a Time Cop arc. His powers also make him a really gritty, down to Earth and CGI-Heavy character, something the MCU has made itself fairly familiar with over the years.


Dark Avengers MCU

He has the power of a million exploding suns. He is Marvel’s answer to DC’s Superman. He is Sentry – Marvel’s strongest superhero. Robert Reynolds was an average human being until an experimental serum made him into the Sentry. But it also gave him bipolar disorder as a side-effect. Robert Reynolds houses two personalities – the benevolent Sentry and the malevolent Void, which is a thousand times more powerful. The guy has gone against Thor and defeated him in his own territory, destroying Asgard singlehandedly. He needs to be in the MCU ASAP.

Doctor Doom

MCU Phase 4 Marvel R-Rated Superhero Movies

Thanos was the logical step in the MCU. He was a villain that has touched upon the lives of almost every known Avenger and he was a lethal opponent. There is probably just one super-villain that could fill his shoes even better – Doctor Doom. The Disney-Fox merger is done so this means Doom actually has a chance to be given the attention he truly deserves. Maybe this time the Secret Wars story arc becomes the new Endgame.


This was a long time coming. Marvel now officially owns movie rights to Wolverine, one of the fiercest and the most popular of the X-Men mutant superheroes. While Hugh Jackman has officially hung the claws, a new actor could be screened out to play the part. Wolverine standing beside the Avengers, clawing his way to save innocent lives sounds so right to us!


Monica Rambeau is now officially canon to the MCU. She was last seen in the Captain Marvel movie. In the comics, Monica was a Harbour Patrol Lieutenant for the City of New Orleans when she was exposed to a deadly dose of extra-dimensional energy. That radiation did not kill her though. Monica became a superhero called Spectrum, with the ability to turn into any form of energy found within the electromagnetic spectrum. This means that she can travel at the velocity of light and is way more powerful than Captain Marvel.

Moon Knight

The reason we included Moon Knight in this list is because he is too damn cool to be missed out. He is a highly complicated character with tons of character layers that make him a must-watch. Moon Knight is an anti-hero and the Avatar of Khonshu- the Egyptian Moon God. He also has bipolar disorder and he is very, very, very suicidal. He is also one of the few Marvel superheroes who is ready to go to extreme lengths of violence to get the job done.


Trust us on this one – The X-Men are not coming. If Marvel follows its traditional origin story approach to each character, building up the X-Men will take time and patience. Magneto would be one of the first characters they will introduce though. The Master of Magnetism is a villain that could use an origin story arc or even be introduced in another mutant superhero origin tale as a villain in or after MCU Phase 4.

Squirrel Girl

With a team packed with firepower, what Marvel would need next is a bit of light humor. If the boys at Marvel Studios could make movies like Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy work, Squirrel Girl would be a piece of cake for them. This girl might look innocent but has defeated cosmic heavyweights like Galactus and Thanos all by herself!! We look forward to seeing this bushy-tailed mutant in the MCU.

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