Marvel Comics Update – Deadpool Has A New Superpower And It Is Extremely Disgusting!!!

The Merc with a mouth has hit a pretty good spot among the marvel Fans of this era. His 2016 movie has paved the way for Fox Studios to start a new franchise based on the fan-favorite character. Fox used Hugh Jackman as a tether for their X-Men movies like the way Marvel used Robert Downey Junior as their front man for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fox has lost the Wolverine but there is still one more card they could play – Deadpool. The sequel to Deadpool of 2016 is coming tomorrow and we cannot be more excited.

The Merc with a mouth is blessed with a variety of superpowers the most glaring of which is his exceptional healing factor. But Marvel Comics has recently given yet another ability which is not only peculiar but also insanely gross. In Marvel Comics, Deadpool has a new superpower and it is extremely disgusting!!!

Spoiler Alert: MAJOR Spoilers for Deadpool #300 up ahead. Enter at your own risk…..

The Deadpool movie did give us a heads up as to how awesome Deadpool’s abilities are. Apart from his healing factor, Deadpool also has his sharp words which he uses in combats and an even sharper mouth that he uses to address the audience by breaking the fourth wall. He also has supreme martial arts prowess and is extremely adept at using all sorts of firearms. Bt Marvel Comics has done the unthinkable with Deadpool. Wade Wilson’s new power is officially so gross it will never ever make it to the movies. We warn you. Highly Gross content lies ahead.

Want to know what new superpower Deadpool has? Be warned the following paragraphs might make you throw up.

What is good news about this issue is that the issue brings together popular superheroes from both the Marvel and X-Men cinematic universe into one sheet. The bad news is that there are moments within the pages that will make you bang your head on the wall. And there isn’t just one of them. There are multiple said instances.

What I interesting about Marvel superheroes is the ambiguity surrounding their powers. What happens to the bodily fluids when Giant Man expands? Do they expand as well? Well now you officially have an answer. Gerry Duggan has given us a solution in one of his gut wrenching storylines. Deadpool will have an adventure of a lifetime before his memory is erased and he is prepped for his comic book prelaunch about to happen soon. The said event all started with Deadpool #30 which was set before the events of Secret Empire and Captain America’s “Hail Hydra” moment.

The particular comic book issue saw Deadpool head to Knowhere, the disembodied head of a dead celestial God. Deadpool helped recreate a scene that was a clear shout out to the Alien franchise and then used Ego, the Living Planet as a washroom. But it was then that things got even more interesting. Wade came to Knowhere looking for something. And he found it in the hands of a certain green-skinned woman. Or so he thought he did. The story was weaved superbly to ensure the suspense of Deadpool’s new superpower was kept intact until the very last second.

When Deadpool realizes that the heroes of the Marvel Universe are coming to take him in, he decides to use his new superpower. At first, even he himself has no idea how his body has changed. And then when Falcon moves in for the first attack, the vomiting begins.

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That’s right. Deadpool’s new superpower is inducing incessant vomit into his enemies. At first it doesn’t sound much but for Deadpool, it is a slice of heaven. Daredevil comes into the scene, vomiting throughout. He is soon followed by Ms. Marvel who enlarges her mouth to make way for her own vomit. Then Nova mixes up his vomit with his superpower, creating an energy barf bomb. The most awesome moment is tied between Thor and Giant Man. While the latter makes her vomit spray into a wide area via a spinning Mjolnir, the latter has himself grow to massive size and make a vomit flood. The greatest highlight of the issue is Quicksilver, who tries to get away from a projectile vomit at super speed and fails.

And after reading that, you might say, long live Marvel Comics!!

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