This BvS Actor Talks About FLASHPOINT Batman

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been a Zack Snyder favorite ever since the two worked together in Watchmen. The actor, who is most known for his role as Negan on The Walking Dead also collaborated with Snyder again in DCEU’s Batman V Superman. Dean Morgan played Bruce Wayne’s father Thomas Wayne in DCEU’s Batman V Superman. The actor had talked about his interest in playing a Flashpoint Batman for the DC universe before and it seems like that interest has not died yet.


Dean Morgan did an interview with Cinema Blend while promoting his new movie the Jonás Cuarón-helmed thriller Desierto, where he talked about Zack Snyder and the possibility of a Flashpoint Batman (from 2011 DC comic event Flashpoint). The actor said:

“Maybe when he cast me that was kind of the goal. Hopefully DC can figure this all out, and in a few years I can come back and do a Flashpoint Batman! I would love it. That would be great… “I have not had any big discussions with him about [Flashpoint], but I remember when we were in Australia doing Watchmen press, and I was having dinner with Zack or whatever. And he was like, ‘My dream is to do the Frank Miller Batman.’ And he goes, ‘You would be an awesome Batman.’ The darker version.”

 Flashpoint Batman

In the comic event Flashpoint, Barry Allen a.k.a The Flash traveled back in time to prevent his mother from being murdered. This simple act caused a ripple through time and affected all of the other DC Universe characters as well. This included the fate of Batman, as Bruce Wayne ends up being the person getting shot instead of his parents, and Thomas Wayne takes up the moniker of Batman. Flashpoint’s Batman is more cruel and violent than the Batman audiences are used to. His wife Martha becomes The joker after going crazy from grief.

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