10 Most Dangerous Places in Marvel Universe The MCU Has Never Explored

Most Dangerous Places in Marvel Universe:

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is vast and endless. And yet there are so many places in the Marvel Comic Book Universe the MCU has failed to explore. Danger lurks in every corner in the Marvel Universe and if you happen to find yourself in any one of these places on this list, we suggest you bid goodbye to the world because there might be a high possibility you will not be able to see the next day.

 1. Icebox

Most Dangerous Places in Marvel Universe

The Icebox is a maximum-security prison that is located deep in northern Canada. It is where the Canadian Government houses its most dangerous convicts and criminals. The Icebox is also the site that is used by Department H and Alpha Flight to keep the people they capture in captivity. Its location has ensured that the areas surrounding it are almost always covered in permafrost. As a result, temperatures outside Icebox have a tendency to go below -50 degrees. To date, the prison known as Icebox has had only once recorded escape when the Confessor was instructed by Ivan the Terrible to free Sickle, his greatest operative from the facility.

 2. Genosha

The island nation of Genosha was Magneto’s brainchild. He wanted a nation dedicated solely to protect and house mutants. The island was so pro-mutant that non-mutants were not even allowed to enter and set foot in it. As Genosha grew stronger and stronger, the rest of humanity started to get scared. Magneto’s pro mutant stance soon evolved to become mutant supremacy.

As a result, humanity sent a huge Sentinel Army to destroy Genosha once and for all. The island is now a pile of radioactive rubble that is no longer habitable or hospitable. Wild Sentinels – Sentinels that no longer have any purpose after decimating all the mutants on the island, attack anyone they see. Only a few mutants who were tough enough to survive the Decimation event survive in Genosha and they are seen as some of the toughest criminals to ever exist.

 3. Madripoor

Most Dangerous Places in Marvel Universe

Madripoor is the Marvel Comics equivalent of the Cayman Islands. It is a tax haven that has always been the lair of supervillains. If they are having too much trouble dealing with the world government, villains like Kingpin and the Owl travel to Madripoor, which will quickly grant them citizenship and diplomatic immunity for a heavy price. Madripoor is a classic example of the rich-poor divide. High Town is for the people who are financially affluent.

Most Dangerous Places in Marvel Universe

Low Town is for the downtrodden and the underprivileged. Crime is at record high levels in Madripoor. It was recently revealed that Madripoor is actually situated on the back of a massive dragon that has been mystically put to sleep. Once the dragon wakes up, the entire country will be destroyed.

 4. Latveria

Most Dangerous Places in Marvel Universe

Imagine a place where you will be constantly surveyed. From the moment you wake up to the moment you sleep in the night, everything will be recorded. Imagine a country that will incarcerate you if you even think about sedition or treason. We present Latveria. The tiny Eastern European nation is an economic and technological powerhouse thanks to Doctor Doom’s inventions and brilliant public administration policies.

Places in Marvel Universe

But it is also a place that is ruled by one of the world’s greatest tyrants. So not everything is rosy and the grass is not greener on the other side like everyone thinks it to be. Latveria has been a nation that is under constant threat of invasion. May it be Shield, the Avengers, or neighboring countries (Latveria has very poor international relations, especially with Wakanda and Symkaria, and never cares to mend them), Latveria has faced numerous attacks to capture Doctor Doom, who has always managed to get away and his people have had to pay a heavy price for it.

 5. Krakoa

Places in Marvel Universe

There have been several cases of mysterious disappearances of people visiting Krakoa. Some say the island has a personality of its own and if it does not like you, it will try and kill you via its own means. And the rumors, ladies, and gentlemen are a hundred percent true. The island does have a personality of its own.

Places in Marvel Universe

The island of Krakoa is a living being. It is actually a sentient organism that has taken the shape and humongous size of an island. Krakoa is extremely dangerous because once you set foot in it the entire island might become your enemy if you do something that irks it. Imagine – you accidentally drop a chocolate wrapper and the island takes offense and bludgeons you to death with a tree. That is Krakoa for you!!

 6. Monster Island

Monster Island is a mysterious island surrounded by deep, troubling waters within the Okhotsk Sea north of the Sea of Japan. Monster Island is not an island that got its name due to an adventurist stumbling onto it and trying to give an unforgettable moniker to it. The name of the island certainly lives up to its reputation. The island is literally an island of monsters. It was created by the Deviants, a superhuman subsidiary race of humanity. They used a mutation inducing chemical called Rodan Gas to turn the island’s life forms into dangerous towering monsters. Mole Man would one day discover Monster Island and use it as his headquarters. Doctor Doom would defeat Mole Man and take the island for himself.

 7. Savage Land

Savage Land was the creation of the ancient alien race called the Nuwali. They wanted to witness human evolution in all its glory and in order to do so they chose a secluded location deep within Antarctic territory. Savage Land is home to a plethora of pre-historic races ranging from dinosaurs to cavemen tribes. It is also the homeland of Atlantean refugees after the Kingdom of Atlantis sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

Savage Land is a very dangerous place to live in. the only way to get in is after getting past the powerful Nuwali technology defenses and with villains like Zaldane and Magneto always trying to use it as a staging ground, anyone would think twice before setting foot in this land.

 8. Negative Zone Prison Alpha

Most Dangerous Places in Marvel Universe

The Negative Zone was first discovered by Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four. It is an alternate universe that is unique and is not a variation of the Multi-Verse. The Negative Zone is also the birthplace of the famous super villain – Annihilus.

Most Dangerous Places in Marvel Universe

During the Superhero Civil War, Tony Stark, Reed Richards, and Hank Pym of the Pro-Superhuman Registration faction created a huge facility that could house superhumans that opposed the Superhuman Registration Act. Although said to be highly humanitarian in its ways of dealing with its inmates, Prison Alpha was prone to attacks from outside forces like Blastaar and Annihilus.

 9. Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane

Most Dangerous Places in Marvel Universe

Ravencroft was actually once a burial ground where a secret cult would come together to worship Knull – God of the Symbiotes, and commit horrific acts of murder and sacrifice in the name of their one true God. A couple of decades ago, Silas Ravencroft had the idea of turning the cursed ground into an institute to treat the criminally insane. But it was not his choice of location that doomed the institute to infamy. It was his choice of allies to help build the facility.

The Institute soon went to the dogs with it being used as a secret lair for mutant experimentation and being used as a hideout by other super villains like Mister Sinister and Apocalypse!

 10. The Vault

The Vault is a prison built in a location that is so highly classified that only the highest echelons of authority actually have knowledge of it. The Vault was the predecessor to The Raft. The Vault is a famous prison built with the objective of housing the criminally super-powered and insanely evil men and women of society that even the greatest of maximum security prisons would have a hard time dealing with.

The Vault may be one of the greatest prisons in the history of Marvel Universe both in terms of size and people incarcerated, but it had a very dangerous track record. Criminals would usually escape for the facility and wreak havoc along the way. Guards would die and many staff people would mysteriously disappear from the prison. It was eventually shut down because of it and replaced with the Raft.

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