11 Strongest Giants of DC Comics – Ranked

Strongest Giants of DC Comics:

There have been countless adversaries and allies the Justice League and the rest of the superheroes of the DC Universe have encountered over the years. Some of them turn out to be behemoths not just in power or reputation but in the most literal sense of the term. Out of those behemoths, some of them truly made so huge a mark that we had to make a list out of it.

 11. Despero

Strongest Giants of DC Comics

Throughout the years, Despero has had a number of transformations that have turned him into the giant he is today. Despero’s sole intention in life is to destroy the Justice League. He is ready to go to any extent to achieve that including sacrificing him-self for the very purpose. His Kalanorian physiology grants him several unique superpowers.

Strongest Giants of DC Comics

Apart from a third eye and scaled fin-like body, Despero has the muscle mass to be a hundred times stronger than the average human being, maybe even more. He can also control his body mass and size. His control over his own biology ensured he not only had the ability to alter his size but also give him-self the power of Metamorphosis and a regenerative healing factor.

 10. Chemo

Strongest Giants of DC Comics

Chemo ranks the lowest on this list because it did not have too much of a brain, to begin with so it is not able to think of a strategy to get out of situations when it gets into a fix. Chemo was originally a human-shaped dustbin that a renowned scientist used as a waste disposal unit for his numerous failed experiments.

Strongest Giants of DC Comics

The radioactive waste coupled with the hazardous chemicals that the scientist threw into the bin had an unknown reaction (because comic books) that gave the human-shaped bin a form of sentience. Chemo was most famously used by the evil Secret Society when it was dropped onto the heart of Bludhaven where it fought several superheroes only to explode in a giant nuclear explosion that killed not only several superheroes but also took millions of lives along with it.

 9. Giganta

Strongest Giants of DC Comics

Doctor Doris Zeul was a famous scientist who was researching the human brain’s ability to retain memories. She soon finds out that she is dying and using the data she gathered from her research, she tried to transfer her consciousness by effectively transferring all her memories into another sentient being. The subject she chose was Wonder Woman. The experiment failed and Doris Zeul got her mind transferred into a gorilla instead.

Strongest Giants of DC Comics

Later, she succeeded in mind transferring her-self into a metahuman’s body that had the ability to alter her size. The New 52 reboot also kept most of her origin story intact with a few key changes. Her ability allows her to increase her size exponentially but the more she grows, the dumber she gets and loses her intellect accordingly.

 8. Titano

Titano was originally a monkey test subject that participated in a country’s space program. The monkey would be lost to the vacuum of space after his ship would malfunction. Titano would then be bombarded by unknown space-based energy that would mutate his body and turn him into a giant-sized Super Ape and would grant him the ability to emit Kryptonite Laser from his eyes.

Strongest Giants of DC Comics

This made him one of the greatest foes of Superman who would never be able to dodge Titano’s beams for too long. Even though Titano was a humongous walking radiation bomb, he seldom meant any harm to people because he was just still a scared little animal on the inside who was trying to make sense of what is happening around him and trying to find shelter to hide from the rest of the world.

 7. Atom Smasher

Strongest Giants of DC Comics

Atom Smasher was created to replace the older generation of superheroes that made up the legacy superhero team – the Justice Society of America. Al Rothstein is the descendant of the original Atom. He has the power to alter his own density and increase his size significantly. Atom Smasher first debuted in DC Comics as Nuklon, a core member of the superhero team Infinity Incorporated.

Strongest Giants of DC Comics

Rothstein’s ability came in handy for the team a lot of times but the team itself never grew popular so it was soon disbanded. Al Rothstein later gained the ability to phase through solid objects. Now calling himself the Atom Smasher, he was a superhero who could grow up to 60 feet in size and would even gain super strength in his enhanced form.  But his strength still pares in comparison to other DC Heavyweights like Shazam and Superman.

 6. Micro Lad

Don’t let his name fool you. Micro Lad’s real name is Gim Allon and believe it or not, he is actually a Giant. He is a member of the Legion of Superheroes. Gim Allon hails from McMurdo city, a city that is situated in the Antarctic continent. A long while ago, McMurdo City was attacked by the Bizarro Brainiac. Instead of shrinking it down like the original Brainiac’s modus operandi, Bizarro Brainiac does the exact opposite. He enlarges cities to superhuman levels.

Strongest Giants of DC Comics

The inhabitants of the city became Giants and a prominent community in the 31st Century. Micro Lad does not possess the ability to enlarge his size. Instead, the giant-sized Gim Allon has the power to shrink down to become microscopically small. In his shrunk form, he is the normal human size of 6 feet.

 5. Promethean Giants

Strongest Giants of DC Comics

Before the New Gods came into existence, there was the Promethean Giants who ruled the universe with an Iron Fist. Their pride took over them and they tried to conquer the Source Wall. As a result, they were punished by the Source for trying to meddle with powers they do not understand. The Promethean Giants stay strapped to the Source Wall as an example to the people who try to scale it. They are said to be incredibly powerful. Yuga Khan, the father of Darkseid, was a Promethean Giant who destroyed an entire planet after escaping and usurped the throne from Darkseid.

With one phrase, the Promethean Giants were capable of stripping the New Gods of their powers. It is better that they remain captive within the Source Wall.

 4. Over Monitor

Strongest Giants of DC Comics

The Over Monitor or simple the Monitor’s real name is Mar Novu. He is the child of Perpetua and his task is taking care of the Multi-Verse, guards it and acts as a father figure to it. While the Over Monitor’s job is to nurture the Multi-Verse, his two brothers’ job is a little different. Alpheus aka the World Forger is tasked with creating new universes to be added to the Multi-Verse while the Anti-Monitor, a prominent super villain, originally was tasked with protecting the Multi-Verse from the larger Omni-Verse. There has been no known limit to which the Over Monitor can grow in size. He also possesses cosmic energy manipulation abilities.

 3. Anti-Monitor

Strongest Giants of DC Comics

The sinister Anti-Monitor has been the bane of the Justice League and the rest of the Multi-Verse in general since time immemorial. Anti-Monitor was created to protect the Multi-Verse from extra-universal forces. The apple ended up falling too far from the tree and Anti-Monitor soon turned evil and tried to destroy creation in the acclaimed 1985 series Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Strongest Giants of DC Comics

The true power of the Anti-Monitor is in his ability to absorb matter from the universes and converting it into Anti-Matter energy, which he uses to power his devices as well as enhance his own abilities. He has appeared in almost every Crisis event.

 2. Perpetua

Perpetua came into the DC universe after the successful breakdown of the Source Wall, the only thing that was keeping her from unleashing her powers on Earth. Perpetua may not be the strongest of the Giants but she sure has made a huge enough splash for her to be considered a threat and a force to be reckoned with. Perpetua is the one who gave birth to other giant-sized cosmic entities like The World Forger and the Anti-Monitor.

Strongest Giants of DC Comics

She does not just have her power restricted to one universe but entire Multi-Verses. Perpetua recently chose Lex Luthor as her champion and turned her into Apex Lex, a being with tremendously powerful abilities that has singlehandedly defeated the deadliest version of the Justice League. She has even shown herself to be capable of rewriting the entire timeline of the Multi-Verse and recreating it in her own image.

 1. World Forger

There is a reason the World Forger known as Alpheus is featured as the greatest giant that the DC Universe has to offer. Alpheus is the son of Perpetua and the brother of the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor. He was given the role of being the forger of universes that populate the Multi-Verse. Alpheus works in the World Forge, a place well inside the deep beneath the dark. There he creates countless universes from scratch.

Strongest Giants of DC Comics

The stable ones are promoted into the Orrery of Worlds while the unstable ones are destroyed by his dragon Barbatos and the energies are returned back to the Forge that uses it to create new Universes. Alpheus is a benevolent entity who decided to create the perfect Multi-Verse where Justice is the most primal force after he realized the nefarious intentions of his now-imprisoned mother Perpetua.

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