Dark Secret About Superman That Will Shock You

Dark Secret About Superman:

We all have both good and bad in us. But the problem arises when we let the dark side take control of us. Even though Superman is not a human, he too battles with inner demons. There are situations when Superman aka Kal-el let the evil side take the better of him. Even the best of superheroes have a past that they’d want to stay buried.

 1. He Was Once A Centaur

Whom Gods Destroy was an issue that belonged to the Elseworlds storyline and was inspired by Greek-mythology. In this storyline, Superman transformed into a sinister Centaur and went on a rampage. It was his love interest, Lana Lang who calmed him down and reminded him of he was. It was later revealed that he and Wonder Woman were being mind-controlled by Zeus.

 2. Not Good For Lois Lane

Dark Secret About Superman
Dark Secret About Superman

Superman and Lois Lane seem to have the most toxic relationship in the comic world. In the earlier stories, Superman always threw Lois in the face of danger. Thanks to her loving boyfriend that Lois has been exposed in Space, octopus, and Parasite, driven to depression, and also been burnt by his x-ray vision. He also accused Lois of killing Lana Lang, his childhood sweetheart. In World’s Finest #151, when Superman turns into a caveman by being subjected to an evolutionary ray, he drags Lois by her hair asks her to cook for him. The list of Supes torturing his girlfriend is longer than you’d imagine.

 3. His Love Interest Was A Mermaid

Clark was oblivious to Lori’s little ‘mermaid’ secret when he fell head over heels for her in Metropolis. Determined to spend the rest of his life with her, Clark proposed her to marry him. But the marriage never took place once she revealed her secret to him.

 4. Susceptible To Get Brainwashed

How useful are superpowers if your brain isn’t strong enough to fight mind control tactics? Superman cannot be defeated in terms of strength or superhuman powers. But who needs to when they can control his mind and use his powers for their benefit? Supervillains like Darkseid, Poison Ivy, Lex Luthor, and Eradicator have brainwashed him and bid him against his people. But the most bizarre issue of DC was when Superman was manipulated to film an s3x tape with another female superhero.

 5. First Punch Then Talk

Dark Secret About Superman
Dark Secret About Superman

“With great power comes great responsibility”. It is not just a phrase from Marvel’s Spider-Man but a common lesson preached even in Martial Arts. Having a dialogue before resorting to violence is always a responsible way to deal with things. But Superman always enters with an attack mode and punches the villain before talking.

 6. Cause Of His Friend’s Mental Damage

Pete Ross was one of Clark’s best friends who not only kept his identity a secret but also helped him control his powers. But it was shocking to find out that Clark was never there for Peter when he needed him the most. Superman let Peter’s son stay captive by aliens in order to keep the timeline intact. Poor Peter didn’t even get emotional support from Clark when he was on the edge of losing his sanity and humanity. As a result, Peter had a mental breakdown and went on a rampage, only to get caught by Superman and get imprisoned.

 7. Fear Of Vampires

Superman may be invincible but there is one villain whose name sends chills down his spine. Ever since vampire Crucifer sucked the blood out of Clark, he has been terrified by the mere mention of his name. Regardless of how powerful or dangerous his nemesis is, the Kryptonian fears the vampire the most.

 8. He Transformed Into A Vengeful God

Dark Secret About Superman
Dark Secret About Superman

Apart from not wanting to see an alien become a hero on Earth, Lex was apprehensive about Superman’s destructive powers. So many powers in a single person’s shoulders could be dangerous if he/she loses sanity. Injustice showed how the savior Superman turned malicious, looking for retribution at any cost. After Joker tricked him into killing Lois Lane, Superman lost his humanity and turned into a tyrant.

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