Marvel: New Thor Reveal Makes Him The God of Fire & Thunder

Warning! Spoilers for Avengers #43 below.

Thor is being explored till its core as of recently. Thor, the God of Thunder, is so much more than he is. In the current Avengers arc by Jason Aaron, Javier Garron, David Curiel, and Cory Petit, the Phoenix arrived on Earth looking for a new host of its tremendous cosmic powers. Phoenix force is easily one of the most strongest forces in the Universe, just like Odin force.
A group of heroes and villains were gathered by the Phoenix to take part in a competition to fight each other, with the winner getting to host the Phoenix Force. While the competition has showcased some truly fiery and epic battles, the Phoenix just revealed her true intentions for coming to Earth.
Thor The God of Fire & Thunder
The reason of her visit is interesting. She is here to tell the truth of the parentage of Thor. As the competition continues on, Thor comes face-to-face with the Phoenix. She tells him that he doesn’t just have the blood of Gods flowing through his veins, but that he’s the Phoenix-Son. Thor angrily says that Gaea is her birth mother. Then, Phoenix responds. She tells that it all a lie by Odin. Thor is told that not only would he not exist if it wasn’t for the Phoenix, but that he’s actually the child of fire and thunder. This claims that Thor could be the God of Fire and Thunder, both.
Thor The God of Fire & Thunder
Thor tries to attack Phoenix out of mixed emotions. But the powerful entity keeps telling him that he’s her son. Moreover, the real reason she’s on Earth is to finally reveal the truth of his origin. The Phoenix’s current host extends out her arms and tries to convince Thor to join her. She wants Thor to “feel the fire of the mother’s love.” Broken and confused, Thor almost follows her. Only then he was plucked out of the sky by Jane Foster before the Phoenix can grab him.
What if Phoenix is telling the truth? If it is the truth, then Marvel has made a massive change in Thor’s origins. What does this mean for Thor? It will definitely change his entire past. Moreover, his relationship with his fellow Asgardians and Odin as well. Maybe this could lead to a very disturbing revelation by Odin himself. Also, we can see the Odin Force and Phoenix Force in action? Sounds far fetched, but not impossible.
Thor The God of Fire & Thunder
It’s going to be fascinating to see whether Phoenix is telling the truth and what that means for Thor. It’s a bold storytelling move that could have some serious implications for the rest of the Marvel Universe. Avengers #43 is in comic stores now. Get it!
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