10 Stupidest Ways Super Villains Got Defeated in The Comic Books

Super Villains Got Defeated in Comic Books:

No matter how grand the plan or meticulous the scheme, every time it is the good triumphs over evil. That is the unwritten rule of comic books. Superheroes, no matter how dark a place or how weak they are, always find a way. Super-Villains always lose. But sometimes, they lose in a very memorable fashion. Their mode and means of defeat are sometimes so hilarious that we got to give credits to the writer and artists for even managing to come up with this stuff. Both Marvel and DC have done it time and again. And most of the time, it looks like the writer just wrote off the character because he was getting bored with it. Some of them might even make you laugh out loud.

 1. Being hypnotized into becoming cows

Super Villains Got Defeated in Comic Books

The Skrulls are one of the most dangerous species in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. They were the primary antagonists in the Secret Invasion event and have been prime enemies of the Kree, even getting Earth in the cross-fire as part of the Kree-Skrull War. But back then, the Skrulls had grand ambitions. They intended to disguise themselves as the Fantastic Four and then turn the public against them by doing heinous crimes. But Reed Richards managed to convince them that the monsters that appear in the movies are actually real and later hypnotized the Skrulls into thinking that the only way to survive on the planet was shape-shifting into cows. The Skrull Cows were made to forget that they were actually Skrulls. Yeah – Comic books!!

 2. Darkseid is robbed in an alleyway

Super Villains Got Defeated in Comic Books

Darkseid is not just any Super Villain. He is the greatest threat the Justice League has ever faced as a team. He has singlehandedly defeated the entire Justice League on his own. He is the King of Apokolips and a New God him-self. Darkseid is the universe’s greatest dictator and has the strength comparable to Superman. He has gone toe to toe with the Man of Steel and lived to tell the tale. But one time, Darkseid was the victim of a simple mugging that probably left him forever traumatized. In the third volume of the Super Powers Comic book series that has direct ties to the toy line, Darkseid is de-powered and teleports to Earth. He is then mugged by two lowlifes who knock him out with a chain.

 3. Got absorbed into a body

Super Villains Got Defeated in Comic Books

The X-Men’s Rogue is one of the most powerful mutants to have ever lived. But she too has her limits. One time, she got so badly injured that she entered a coma. Her mother Mystique agreed to help Mister Sinister do his bidding provided the genius biologist could help her daughter. But after doing her job, Mystique realizes that Sinister is actually incapable of saving Rogue and he was just lying. Mystique, in a fit of rage, decides to shove the face Mister Sinister face down Rogue’s skin. Rogue’s powers literally absorb Sinister until only a husk of his former shell remains.

 4. Defeated by Match-sticks

Super Villains Got Defeated in Comic Books

In the late 1990s, when Grant Morrison took over the reins for penning the Justice League, he introduced a new superhero team. It was called the Hyper-Clan. The hyper Clan was a new breed of superheroes who believed in extreme justice, something that was prevalent at the time even in real life. The Hyper Clan almost supplanted the Justice League but Batman later discovers that they are actually White Martians in disguise. The Hyper Clan only pretended to be superheroes so that they could get into the correct positions and launch a coordinated strike on Earth, making it over. Batman used a box of matches to light a member of the Hyper Clan on fire and the rest is history.

 5. Beaten by Cigar Ash

Super Villains Got Defeated in Comic Books

The Red Skull takes up the identity of Captain America aka Steve Rogers after Captain America gives up the mantle to John Walker, who is now the new Captain America. Steve Rogers returns in Captain America volume 1 #350 where Red Skull reveals that he has been killing all the people that look even remotely like him throughout America. But before Captain America could react, John Walker throws the shield to Red Skull’s face. The Shield possessed the Cigar Dust that Walker was smoking underneath its hilt. The moment it hits the Red Skull, he somehow suddenly becomes the Red Skull again.

 6. Not being able to get over Batman

Super Villains Got Defeated in Comic Books

The Joker and Mr. Mxyzptlk – a Superman villain with vast reality-altering powers, get into a game of wits. The joker, as usual, does the unthinkable and manages to turn the tables on his opponent. As a reward, Mr. Mxyzptlk gives away his fifth-dimensional powers to the Joker. The Joker uses his new reality manipulation powers to re-write the universe and make him-self Emperor Joker. A group of superheroes fights back. But this time there is no Batman. The Joker becomes so powerful that he wipes out the universe until he and Superman are the last men standing. It is then that the Joker realizes that he is still not able to get over his nemesis the Batman. That is the loophole Mxyzptlk was looking for and got back his powers.

 7. Punched in the face by an Arrow

Super Villains Got Defeated in Comic Books

Super-Villains tend to always underestimate some superheroes. Take for example Hawkeye. The guy is just an archer with plenty of trick arrows. Sure he is a good hand to hand combatant but he is nothing special. And that is why the Collector decided not to include him in his collection when he came to Earth to add Earth’s superheroes into his collection. And that was his gravest mistake. It took Hawkeye one-trick arrow and a good shot to take the Collector out. The wielder of the Power Cosmic – a force as old as the universe itself, was taken out by an ordinary human being with a glove headed arrow!!

 8. Whipped on his groin

Super Villains Got Defeated in Comic Books

Grant Morrison truly is a legend. The moment he took up the pen and started writing Justice League covers, DC Comics started generating best seller after bestseller. The new Justice League under Morrison was composed of literal Gods amongst men. There was no one they could not handle. And then Prometheus enters the scene. He is basically Batman with the only difference in his origin story being that he was raised by thieves instead. Prometheus literally infiltrates the JLA Watchtower and bends each Superhero of the League to his or her knee. But his defeat is swift and painful. Cat Woman uses her whip to splash him at a very rather touchy location of his body.

 9. Arrested by Cops

Super Villains Got Defeated in Comic Books

Marvel Comics cane be a strange place. There are times when you might want to hit your head on a wall. Sometimes the stories are that stupid. In an issue of Spidey-Super Stories, Spiderman joins hands with a local hero known as the Cat to try and stop Thanos the Mad Titan. Thanos was in possession of the Cosmic Cube so he was literally a God. But Spiderman and the Cat still managed to stop it. Want to know how? The Cosmic Cube slipped through his fingers and a little boy grabbed it. Thanos was then arrested. Yes, ARRESTED!! The Mad Titan was taken off in handcuffs to a regular jail. This guy made the Hulk scared. He deserved better.

 10. Covered in Lime

Super Villains Got Defeated in Comic Books

In a very earlier adventure of the Justice League, the supervillain Starro – starfish-like a conqueror that uses mind control powers and invades entire planets, visits Earth. Starro is way too powerful for the Justice League and the former easily get their butts kicked by Starro. But they soon realize that Starro is somehow staying away from Snapper Carr. Turns out, Carr was covered in limestone powder. The league has the bright idea of covering Starro with lime. And it actually works!!!

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