DC Comics Update – [Spoiler] Is The New Reverse Flash of DC Comics!!!

The Flash issues are taking an interesting turn of events. While Rebirth has given us some pretty solid storylines like The Doomsday Clock and Dark Nights Metal, the next miniseries termed The Flash War is about to be the biggest event for the speedsters of the DC Universe. As the story thickens, we see more and more twists raising their heads within the plot. The recent DC Comics Update has given the New Reverse Flash a whole new origin story and it will amaze you. DC Comics has just revealed that Zoom is now the new Reverse Flash of DC Comics!!!!

Spoiler Alert: MASSIVE Spoilers for The Flash #46. If you haven’t read it yet, you know what to do…..

The major Flash event called the Flash War opens up with a chapter revealing the top secret origin story of DC Comics’ new Reverse Flash, Hunter Zolomon otherwise more popularly known as Professor Zoom in the comic books. Zolomon resurfaces in the DC Rebirth continuity to torment the Scarlet Speedster and his allies. Zolomon is Wally West’s enemy number one in the comic books and the comics just showed the former has become the new Reverse Flash. The DC Comics have gone out of its way to ensure both the Flashes (Barry and Wally) share some form of kinship with their Reverse Flash counterparts.

The fans will remember Zoom from the popular Arrowverse show on The CW called The Flash. Hunter Zolomon is the antagonist in Season 2 of the Flash and calls himself Zoom in the show. But the comics tell a different story. In the comics, Hunter is a gifted FBI Criminal Profiler. After a faulty analysis leads to the death of his mentor, Hunter’s life takes a turn for the worse when he is kicked out of the FBI. He later ends up divorced as well. Wally West then helps Hunter Zolomon regain his life back as a criminal investigator in the Central City Police Department. Zolomon later encounters a mishap that leaves him paralyzed from the waist down.

Wally West is asked by Zolomon to run back his time and stop the accident that made the latter’s legs useless from happening in the first place. Wally refuses to change the time stream for obvious reasons and Zolomon gets angry and resentful. He decides to use the Cosmic Treadmill to go back in time himself. The Treadmill malfunctions and the resulting explosion gives Zolomon the ability to passively affect the time flow in his immediate vicinity, giving him the ability to replicate super speed.

Hunter Zolomon made his final appearance in 2010 before Flashpoint retconned the DC Timeline and we believed Zolomon was another casualty of the New 52 continuity. That was no longer the case. Zolomon resurfaced later this year in The Flash Annual #1.

The Flash #46 explains how Reverse Flash and Zoom were in complete cahoots with each other. They traveled through time to the 25th Century, the home of Reverse Flash, and tried to enact plans to make life hell for Barry Allen. The two speedsters are somehow unaffected by the changes in the DC Continuity. When Thawne loses his patience after Zolomon’s slow and methodical approach to defeating Barry Allen shows no fruits, he strands Zoom in the 25th Century and runs back in time to the past. Zolomon’s abilities allow it to disrupt the time flow but not travel through it. Zolomon is trapped in the 25th Century.

Realizing Eobard is now dead, Zolomon decides to use Thawne’s futuristic technology and his inside knowledge on the events that are yet to pass, he decides to pit the Flashes against each other, thus setting the premise for DC’s Flash War event.

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Zolomon, Allen, Thawne, and West are just the pawns. Something far too bigger is in play. We will have to wait and see how this storyline plays out. The flash war is going to be an event of epic proportions. Zolomon is pulling the strings for now. It is up to him to decide who wins this match between the several scarlet speedsters. But as a fan of DC, I have to say the story’s direction is never going in the same way as it seems. There will be a massive twist at the end that will change the equations permanently. We will just have to wait and find out.

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