The Dark Minions Of Gorr From Thor 4 Trailer Explained

This year, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has an interesting slate of projects with some of the major releases set to come out soon. There is some complication regarding the variety of things that we will get to see ranging from sequels to the debut of some interesting characters. Even though Marvel is known for keeping fans hyped up by releasing the trailer for their projects quite late in the recent releases, we have got the trailer for Thor 4. Fans are going through every element in the trailer for the movie by making sure that most of the detail regarding the project could be acquired. It seems that we have also gotten our first look at Minions of Gorr in the trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder.

Love and Thunder

So far, there was a different kind of excitement regarding Thor 4 as the project was intended to show a lot of exciting updates. It was assumed that Marvel will take its time with the trailer for the project and that is exactly what ended up happening. Marvel saw the hype and based on that gave us the shortest marketing period for their projects with Thor 4. There are a lot of details that fans have gotten to see in the teaser for the movie and there’s a lot more yet to be discovered. But one thing fans really wanted to see, the character of Gorr the God Butcher is missing in this footage.


Back when Thor: Ragnarok was released, fans assumed that the idea of Hela carrying the Necrosword meant that we won’t be getting to see Gorr in the MCU. When one of the iconic exchanges between Thor and Hela was inspired by Gorr, Fans were convinced of that. But now it seems that we will finally be getting this villain to appear in the MCU and Christian Bale will be taking on the role. So far we have only gotten to see him as Gorr in the merchandise for the movie. But the trailer actually gives us our first look at his minions who appear in the background in the various shots featuring the characters.


Gorr’s Minions In New Asgard

Gorr coming to the MCU is very exciting and now it seems that he isn’t going to be alone. At the very end of the trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder, we get one of the major reveals from the movie with the appearance of Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor. But that’s not all as keen-eyed fans have noticed that this scene also features the minions of Gorr the God Butcher, known in the comics as Black Berserkers. Behind the characters of Thor and Jane Foster, fans can see some reflective creatures with teeth and tentacles fighting the residents of New Asgard. If seen closely this makes it appear as if they are like Venom as they also have some gooey elements to them.


Black Berserkers

Minions of Gorr

It isn’t surprising that these creatures appear to be somewhat like Venom as there is a close link the two share. The comics have shown that these creatures are spawned from Gorr’s weapon, the Necrosword. This was also the weapon that was first wielded by the god of darkness and creator of symbiotes, Knull. It is interesting to imagine that we have some major elements close to the symbiotes in the MCU. We saw some of Venom’s gooey stuff being left over in the MCU during the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Now we have had rumours of Knull appearing in the new movie as the primary antagonist.


Even though it seems less probable that the character of Gorr will have links with Knull or symbiote, we can be sure to witness some of the powers of the Necrosword from the comics. This weapon has the potential to create semi-sentient life for himself and it is definitely going to be an exciting thing to watch. The weapon has been confirmed to be the Necrosword based on the variety of merchandise that was leaked in the last few months. We will only get a clear idea of what to expect from the movie when Thor: Love and Thunder comes out in theatres worldwide on July 8.


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