Marvel’s Superman Will Fight Hulk, Doom & Ultron At The Same Time

Superman Will Fight Hulk, Doom & Ultron: 

Marvel’s Heroes Reborn is definitely making moves, and it is a Universe where the Avengers never existed. Marvel’s new take on Heroes Reborn by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness will showcase a Marvel Comics world that is drastically different than the one readers are used to. The Squadron Supreme will become the protectors of Earth, as the Avengers cease to exist. Without the superteam, the paths of popular heroes had changed drastically: Thor has become a hard-drinking Athiest, Iron Man never was trapped in a cave, Captain America stayed frozen, and Wolverine joined Alpha Flight. Meanwhile, Doctor Doom has acquired Juggernaut’s armor, Marvel’s Green Lantern is the most feared lawman in the heavens, and Blade is the last living vampire – and the only person who remembers the real timeline.

Now, Marvel’s Superman, Hyperion, will be picking up the slack against some of the strongest villains in the galaxy. In previews for the upcoming Heroes Reborn arc, the leader of the Squadron Supreme will battle some of the strongest villains, including Ultron, Annihilus, Doctor Doom, and even the Immortal Hulk. Marvel revealed teasers for the upcoming Heroes Reborn series, where the Squadron Supreme will face off against the likes of Black Skull, Silver Witch, and an Infinity Ring-wielding Thanos. 

Issue two will feature Hyperion, Marvel’s pastiche to Superman, following Victor Von Doom to the Negative Zone, where he’ll have to face off against some of his most powerful adversaries, including Ultron, the Immortal Hulk, and General Annihilus. The preview suggests that Hulk is a villain and not the hero he usually is in the normal Marvel timeline – which lines up with other story beats, remixed characters, and other power-ups. Hyperion will have a tall task of tracking down Doom and trying to stop a breakout from the Negative Zone. Taking down one of Ultron, Annihilus, and the Immortal Hulk is difficult enough by itself but beating all of the same time, seems nearly impossible. Thankfully, Hyperion, whose powers and origin are based on DC’s Superman, might be one of the few heroes strong enough to stop them all himself.

Hyperion is a powerhouse, but even powerhouses are vulnerable at times. Readers will find out more about Marvel’s Superman’s battle against the villains when Heroes Reborn comes to comic book stores and online media in May 2021. 

Heroes Reborn #2 is written by Jason Aaron with art from Dale Keown and Ed McGuinness and features a cover from Leinil Francis Yu.

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