20 Powerful Wizards Other Than Doctor Strange To Become The Sorcerer Supreme!!

The Sorcerer Supreme can have access to the greatest of arcane knowledge and the vast reservoirs of mystical energy to fight otherworldly threats. The Mantle of the Sorcerer Supreme belongs to the most powerful Sorcerer in the Marvel Universe. And Doctor Strange was neither the first nor will he be the last to hold the title. Presenting 20 Powerful Wizards other than Dr. Strange to become the Sorcerer Supreme…..


Loki has always had a knack for magic and illusions. But being a sorcerer supreme requires much more than mere parlor tricks. In Doctor Strange #381, Loki finally manages to oust Stephen Strange and become the new Sorcerer Supreme. He intends to rewrite the laws of magic.


Illyana Rasputina is the younger sister of Colossus who was abducted by the Demon Belasco. She later becomes a powerful sorceress and the ruler of Limbo and sometimes later, the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth for the time being.


Kushala is unique in the sense that she isn’t just the Sorcerer Supreme but also the Ghost Rider. In the past, a powerful witch managed to bind the powers of the Spirit of Vengeance into herself after becoming the Sorceress Supreme.


The Sorcerer Supreme is powered primarily by three mystical beings called the Vishanti. Agamotto was one of the very first Sorcerer Supremes. He later became part of the comic trio that lends their power to the mantle.

Ancient One

Before there was Doctor Strange, there was the Ancient One. As one of the most accomplished Sorcerers in human history, the Ancient One has been both an ally and enemy to Doctor Strange.

Benjamin Jones

Benjamin Jones is better known as the Nth Man. In his reality, Jones was the son of Arcanna and Philip Jones who later became that reality’s Sorcerer Supreme.


Clea is the niece of Dormammu and the Ex-Wife of Doctor Strange. Dormammu usurped the throne of the Dark Dimension and exiled Clea away before she found Strange.

Doc Magus

The MC-2 Universe is a weird. In this reality, a character pretty similar to Peter Parker becomes the new Doctor Strange. Armed with not only immense mystical know-how but also a quick wit and sense of humor, Doc Magus is one dude to watch out for.


Zhered-Na is the resident of Atlantis before it sank way below the ocean. Zhered-Na is a powerful sorceress and leads the Cult of Zhered-Na, there sole task being to defeat the Demons of Sominus that aim to conquer Earth.

Doctor Strangefate

The Amalgam Universe is a joint venture between DC and Marvel. In this universe exists a being called Doctor Strangefate, a combination of DC’s Dr. Fate and Marvel’s Dr. Strange. Strangefate is the most powerful being in the Amalgam Universe.


Wiccan is the child of Scarlet Witch. Like his mother, he too possesses reality altering magical, mutant abilities. He is part of the Young Avengers team.


Krugarr is the Sorcerer Supreme of the 31st Century. Krugarr is a member of the extremely long lived and Red-skinned ‘Lem’ race. He was once the apprentice of Doctor Strange himself.

Doctor Voodoo

Doctor Voodoo was recently elected the Sorcerer Supreme by the Vishanti themselves. Doctor Voodoo is not a sorcerer who believes in Eldritch but Voodoo Magic.


Merlyn is the father of Roma. He is also the Sorcerer Supreme of Otherworld. Merlyn is the one who initiated the Captain Britain Corps.

Reverend Hiram Shaw

Reverend Hiram Shaw led the Salem Witch Hunts while secretly being the Sorcerer Supreme of that time. His thirst for power doomed the Shaw Family Line for all eternity.

Professor Imam

Professor Imam is a parody of sorts of DC’s Doctor Fate. Imam is an evil sorcerer who hails from the Earth-712 reality and is a member of King Hyperion’s Squadron Supreme.


As the Sorcerer Supreme of Ee’rath (alternate reality earth), Necrom went mad with power and enslaved all the heroes to turn them into mindless zombies. He was the one who taught Merlyn magic.


Thomas Lightner was a gifted genius who turned insane. He mutated into three different beings – First into Black Sun, then he became the Nth Man and lastly into Mysterium. As Mysterium, he became his reality’s, Doctor Strange.


Salome is a former member of the Blood and The Fallen. She was once an ally of Zarathos. She also used to be called the Sorceress supreme, the very first of her kind.

Isaac Newton

Powerful Wizards Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme

Sounds really hard to gist, ain’t it? Netwon, the guy who discovered gravity and the three laws of motion, becomes the Sorcerer Supreme?!?!? It is not just absurd, its utter blasphemy for us science nerds. But he did. And not even in any alternate reality. Sir Isaac Newton wanted to escape the confines of mathematics and predestination and he found his answer in the arcane arts. He was also the Sorcerer Supreme at a time when The Ancient One was presumed dead.

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