10 Alternate Versions of Wolverine That Would Crush The Original Like a Baby

Alternate Versions of Wolverine:

Wolverine is heralded as one of the greatest fighters in the history of the Marvel Universe. The guy can slice up an entire army into little pieces before they could turn and scoot. With more than a hundred years of fighting in the most popular and bloodiest of battlefields, Wolverine has garnered a fearsome reputation. His skills as a warrior of blood is only matched by his legendary berserker rage.

Alternate Versions of Wolverine

If Wolverine gives in to his inner animal and lets himself loose, then God have mercy on his enemy. No soul would escape the wrath of the un-killable man with claws that can rip open the Hulk. Wolverine has been part of Marvel Comics ever since the 1960s and he has been at the forefront of major Marvel storylines. Since Marvel Comics is a hotpot of alternate realities and multiple universes, there are bound to be different alternative versions of the character that are as equally unique and deadly. Some of them are so powerful that not even the Original clawed animal stands a chance against them.  Presenting – 10 Alternate Versions of Wolverine that would crush the Original like a baby!!

 10. Ultimate Universe Wolverine

Alternate Versions of Wolverine

The Ultimate Universe Wolverine radicalized the way we viewed Wolverine as a fighter. Previously, writers portrayed Logan as a short and stout guy with an attitude problem. He was ugly to look at and had a rough exterior outlook. In the Ultimates Universe, Wolverine was the polar opposite of the mainstream version. He was tall and handsome and had a really befitting warrior physique.

Alternate Versions of Wolverine

He was also multiple times more powerful than the mainstream Logan. His healing factor, in particular, was so strong that Wolverine was invincible just because of it. Cut off his head, rip open his spine or blast him with a freaking nuclear bomb at point blank range, this version of Wolverine’s healing factor was godlike, to begin with. It took the combined might of the entirety of Magneto’s powers to kill him by ripping out the adamantium from his bones.

 9. House of M Wolverine

Alternate Versions of Wolverine

The House of M Wolverine is actually the same as the Original Version of Wolverine for the Earth 616 reality. The only difference is that he has the memories of both this universe and the universe before that (which was wiped out after the Scarlet Witch threw a temper tantrum). The House of M Wolverine was also a Shield operative and one of their best agents under Magneto’s super-elite Red Guard squad. He was trained in several modern forms of martial arts skills and was a deadly opponent. If you put this guy and the classic Logan in a fight to the death, our money is on the former since that guy would eat guys like the latter for breakfast.

 8. Dark Claw

Alternate Versions of Wolverine

The Amalgam Universe was a very interesting project which involved both Marvel and DC Comics. It was a unique publication that published stories about a universe where the superheroes and other characters were actually the amalgamations of classic Marvel and DC Superheroes. Doctor Strange and Doctor Fate combined to form Doctor Strange-fate. Superman and Captain America combined to form the Super Soldier. Batman and Wolverine took the form of Dark Claw. Cark Claw had a background similar to the Batman’s in DC Continuity. The only difference was that in DC Batman took the help of the League of Shadows to train and turn into a Human weapon while in the Amalgam Universe, he took the help of the top-secret Weapon X program, making himself a deadly lab experiment.

 7. Wolverine Forever

Alternate Versions of Wolverine

This version of Wolverine is actually, believe it or not, dead. And even dead, this guy is stronger than the Original One. Chris Claremont is a legend amongst comic book fans. His 16 year run of the X-Men is one of the greatest Marvel issues to have been ever published. As the continuation to that 16 year-long issue, X-Men Forever was supposed to end the series on a high note. It ended up killing Wolverine, who met a quick and abrupt end at the hands of Storm, who ended his life with a swift lightning strike. Wolverine would return as a ghost, now un-killable, and still end up going on rampages from time to time. And he also had a psychic lovemaking session with Jean Grey. So there’s that.

 6. Old Man Logan

Alternate Versions of Wolverine

Old Man Logan should not have been on this list. This guy was a coward who decided to hide and outlive the aftermath of the superheroes being wiped out by a globally coordinated supervillain attack rather than fight back. But he finally got the courage to raise his claws once more time in dissent and rebel against his evil masters. Old Man Logan has a flailing healing factor and his adamantium skeleton is slowly killing him. But he still managed to do what the Classic version could not. He finally killed the Hulk. The Hulk of this timeline is evil beyond repair. And Old Man Logan almost lost a fight against him. The only way he survived was by clawing his way out of the stomach of the Hulk who had swallowed him whole, killing the now extremely obese Jade Giant.

 5. General James Howlett

Alternate Versions of Wolverine

This version of Wolverine is Gay and awesome. As the Governor of Canada, General James Howlett is an upstanding citizen of society until the Greek Gods find out that he is in a romantic relationship with Hercules. The Gods of Olympus then exile both him and his lover to Tartarus, where they stayed until they were finally released in recent times. As a reward for his love, Hercules gifts Wolverine with a skeleton made of pure adamantine, a metal that is the Olympian equivalent to Asgard’s Uru, the metal that makes up Thor’s hammer.

 4. Days of Future Past Wolverine

Alternate Versions of Wolverine

The Days of Future Past Wolverine died quickly in the battlefield. But there is one thing that everyone fails to consider. He is one of the last mutants standing the onslaught of the Sentinels while the rest of his allies could not even survive the first wave. The Days of Future Past Wolverine took down a lot of enemies before he himself was taken down. Although X-51 would later bring back this version back to life, the raw show of strength this guy displayed is something that cannot be overlooked.

 3. Age of Apocalypse Weapon Omega Wolverine

Alternate Versions of Wolverine

In the Age of Apocalypse timeline, Wolverine is the classic Weapon X with the heart of a noble fighter that helps Magneto defeat Apocalypse and restore peace in the world. After Apocalypse is chased away, Wolverine realizes that he has been deceived. His love Jean grey is still alive and in Mister Sinister’s Captivity. Wolverine now allows Apocalypse to do experiments on him, turning into the Weapon Omega. As Weapon Omega, Wolverine fights Apocalypse’s battles for him and eventually develops a fractured psyche and becomes a slave to the guy he once helped defeat.

 2. Marvel Zombies Wolverine

Alternate Versions of Wolverine

The Zombie Wolverine may not have the brains and the fighting skills of the original Wolverine, but he more than makes up for it with his pure grit and bloodlust. After being bitten by an infected Captain America and Hawkeye, Wolverine’s healing factor fails to save his right arm. Now a zombie, Wolverine kills the Silver Surfer, eats him and gains the Power Cosmic. He then ends up killing Galactus and devours him too. He would later lose the Power Cosmic and become a regular Zombie but his kill count still is one of the highest in all the Multi-Verse.

 1. Old Man Phoenix Wolverine

Alternate Versions of Wolverine

What if an already super powerful character gains so much power that he becomes a God? Marvel Comics has played around with the Phoenix Force way too much, granting possession of it to so many that we have lost count. In their latest experiment, they grant the power of the Phoenix Force to Wolverine, who is literally one of the last living entities in the Marvel universe, which in the future timeline, is nearing its end. Old Man Phoenix decides he needs to fasten the universe’s death and fights Thor when he tries to foil his plans. Thor and Wolverine then join hands to kill Doctor Doom. Wolverine sacrifices his life and transfers the Phoenix Force to Mjolnir.

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