Marvel Once Made Captain America And Cable Team up to Stop Hitler

Marvel Made Captain America And Cable Team up:

They are the most un-likeliest of match-ups. But they have so much in common. We wonder why we have not seen them yet in the same light. Cable and Captain America would make an amazing superhero duo. Both are soldiers at heart. Both follow a very strict moral code. Both are very respected and feared leaders within their community. Both are very adept close combat fighters and have a penchant for violence, fighting for what is right and for the innocent. There was this one time though in the comic books, where Cable and Captain America did team-up. And together, they aimed to join forces to fight the vilest and nefarious person ever in actual history – Adolf Hitler.

Marvel Made Captain America And Cable Team up

The Avengers and the X-men are no longer on talking terms. The Earth’s mightiest heroes have fallen on the bad side of the mutant superhero team. That phenomenon of falling out began with the end of the Avengers vs. X-Men event. But Marvel did try to make the two superheroes reconcile their differences and work together. In the A+X story arcs, instead of fighting against each other, Marvel’s Avengers and X-men will see their respective superheroes join hands for a common objective. It was during one such A+X storyline that we saw Cable, the Omega Level Mutant son of Cyclops and a Jean Grey Clone, and Captain America – the Super Soldier Leader of the Avengers, come together to wipe out Nazis.

The story is set in the year 1943. Adolf Hitler knows that Nazi Germany is losing the war. So he appoints a brilliant but rather crazy scientist that goes by the name Atticus Trask, to design a new kind of Wonder Weapon. This was a part of Hitler’s Wonder Weapon Craze during the latter part of World War Two, where Hitler wanted his scientists to look for radical new weaponry that could change the tide of the battle in the European Theatre and Germany would no longer be on the back-foot. Atticus Trask was creating this weapon to be a sleeper. It was to remain dormant until activated later when the time was right.

Marvel Made Captain America And Cable Team up

Captain America was the first on the scene. He had infiltrated the facility along with Bucky and was the first to discover what this new Wonder Weapon was. Atticus Trask was actually developing an army of proto-Sentinels. He had even come close to developing a functional Master Mold Unit which would control the Sentinel Army. A Master Mold Unit was responsible for ushering in an era of chaos and tyranny and leading to the dystopian Days of Future Past storyline, where humanity is on the brink of extinction because the Sentinels have taken control of the world, deeming them a threat to the planet.

Marvel Made Captain America And Cable Team up

Captain America intended to plant explosives at particular superstructures of the facility to blow it up, taking down the Proto Sentinels along with Trask as well. But their plans were put on the backtrack when the time-traveling Cable arrived on the scene.

Atticus Trask was actually a time traveler from the future. He had been using time travel technology to travel to the past and change the timeline so that the mutant superhero team known as the X-Men would never be born in the first place. The Proto Sentinels would be activated at a later date, according to Hitler’s wishes. They would then go on to kill Charles Xavier when he would still be a defenseless child. Trask was planning to change history with the Proto Sentinels. Thankfully with Cable and Captain America’s help, Trask’s plans never came to fruition.

Cable apprehended Atticus Trask and took him back to the future. He was careful enough to not reveal anything to Captain America lest the timeline would change. But Cable did unintentionally reveal a vital and major spoiler. Captain America revealed that Cable was speaking in English. If Germany had won the war, he would be speaking German. And this meant that the Allies won the war against the Axis. Now that is an interesting story to get by.

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