Marvel: 10 Insanely Crazy Ways In Which X-Men Were Altered

The story arc of X-Men in the Marvel Comics Universe has been quite a complex joyride. Jonathan Hickman has written different narratives of the same storyline creating multiple verses within the Marvel Comics Universe. Jonathan Hickman has been credited with the lining up and creation of the numerous mutant characters which are shown in the X-Men storyline. One may try to figure out the X-Men comics reading order, but the storyline and has been altered to an extent where the characters are seen switching over to the other side for good, seldom bring a new twist to the plot and going back to their old schemes has given the X-Men storyline new credit and new possible clause of being able to extend the comic arc with a bigger picture in mind.

Welcome to Krakoa

Places in Marvel Universe

Charles Xavier through a psychic broadcast to every being with the X-gene engraved in their DNA revealed that every mutant on planet earth was now a citizen of and welcomed to the island of Krakoa. The mass event welcomed mutants from all corners of the world and even saw characters like Apocalypse and Mister Sinister turning up at Krakoa.

Mutants with a history of crimes against humanity were offered full pardon, given the benefit of doubt which saw it as an act of self-defense against the humans who hated the mutant kind even if it was genocide. Any bad deeds committed after the arrival of the mutant on Krakoa would be tried under the Krakoan law.

Mutants must fight to Death

Ways In Which X-Men Were Altered

After the events of ‘House of M’ Scarlet Witch depowers 98% of the mutant population powerless in her last attempt to avenge the mutants who deprived her of the happy time she thought she deserved for giving the mutants everything that their hearts desired considering them her allies. After the events of Krakoa, even the powerless mutants were allowed to enter Krakoa. But a ceremonial gladiator-type battle with Apocalypse was a way for the depowered mutants to get their power back employing a process called ‘The Crucible’ which through resurrection brought the mutants back to life along with their powers.

A place to call Home

Mutants from all walks of life were welcomed to Krakoa, who by birth is considered the citizens of the land. Xavier trades in his school in exchange for this larger piece of land that has become the home for almost 200,000 mutants who were now living in the newly presumed House of X. The accumulated might of Krakoa makes it the most capable nation which is capable of privatizing world peace.

“The Five” make everyone immortal

The establishment of the new nation of Krakoa does change the status of living for all the mutants. But, “The Five” have achieved the status of a religious group on the island of Krakoa. They instigate a process where mutants are inevitably turned immortal by accumulating the powers of ‘The Five’. The mutant called Egg manifests non-viable biological eggs, which are then injected with Mister Minister’s DNA. The reality-bending Proteus makes the eggs workable while the mutant called Elixir brings the mutants back to life and finally time master Eva bell rapidly speeds up time and brings the mutants to their correct ages. The mutant Mimic ensures to tie the whole process together and ascertains everyone’s power work in tandem to make sure no mutant ever has to die ever again.

Krakoan super flower

Ways In Which X-Men Were Altered
Ways In Which X-Men Were Altered

Krakoa came up with a unique way of bribing the world governments to accept the existence of Krakoa and to accept the sovereignty of Krakoa and all its citizen. Through some unmentioned process, the island of Krakoa can produce a flower that offers a trio of medicines that can improve the quality of human life, curing diseases in humans, and curing any form of mental illness. Soon many governments of the world accept the terms and conditions and soon see the UN also bowing down to the wishes of the Krakoa in exchange for the super-drug.

Moira Mac Taggert the most important mutant

Moira Mac Taggert’s ability to relive her life all over again gives her the renowned experience and wisdom that surpasses both Professor X and Magneto put together. Moira X is currently on her 9th and most probably the last life and wishes to employ all of her previous knowledge along with Professor X to set up the island of Krakoa to help the mutant’s means to a better way of life.

The Quiet Council

Any nation requires a ruling government and Krakoa has one in the form of The Quiet Council’. Formed by Charles Xavier and Magneto after advice from Mac Taggert, who many mutants didn’t even know existed. The council is made of an extremely ecstatic bunch of mutants, who have formed the structure and basis of the Krakonian law which is followed on the island of Krakoa.

Ways In Which X-Men Were Altered
Ways In Which X-Men Were Altered

The Quiet Council is split into four houses with 3 members each, although Krakoa and Cypher are placed in a separate status as Cypher is the only one who is capable of communicating with Krakoa. The house of autumn is represented by Professor X, Magneto, and Apocalypse. The house of winter is represented by Mister Sinister, Exodus, and Mystique. The house of spring is represented by Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw and Kitty Pryde and Jean Grey, Storm and Nightcrawler represent the moral house of summer. The Quiet Council has also designated 4 leaders to their War council namely Cyclops, Magik, Bishop, and Gorgon.

X-Force is Krakoa’s CIA

The island of Krakoa has its own Central Intelligence Agency which serves as the first line of defense against any foreign threats constitute of Beast, Jean Grey and Sage operate the intelligence side of the agency. Wolverine, Quentin Quire, and Domino have been granted exemption from the second law of mutant-kind and serve as the black ops of the agency. Black Tom Cassidy rounds out the agency as the one-mutant homeland security department. And the X-Force is not even the scariest team on the block.

Laws of Krakoa

During the formation of Krakoa, the Quiet Council decided that they would not be publishing multiple rules like the human counterparts and kind of boiled down the whole narrative down to 3 edicts:-

  1. Make more Mutants
  2. Slay no Man
  3. Respect the sacred land of Krakoa

The only law that proved slightly controversial was the second law, but the council gave an understanding of the law stating that as mutants were immortal now mutant should abstain from causing permanent harm to someone who can be killed.

Homo Superior

Ways In Which X-Men Were Altered
Ways In Which X-Men Were Altered

The new philosophy of Krakoa has instilled an understanding amongst the mutants that they are the next phase of Human evolution and probably the rightful heirs to earth. In earlier days of the House of X, often when Charles Xavier and his team would negotiate with nations of the world for sovereignty. Many foreign delegates would question how the mutants thought they could get away with their ridiculous status quo. To which Magneto responded with a befitting reply saying “You have new gods now”.

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