5 EPIC Comicbook Moments That Fans Are Hoping To See in Logan

Although Logan has technically finished shooting, only one-half of the movie’s story line has been confirmed. We know that The Old Man Logan comics have a big influence on the film, but to what extent has not been confirmed. The comics have some mind-blowing scenes that would look good adapted to the silver screen, so we have listed five scenes we hope to see in the film.

Wolverine Kills The X-Men:


In Old Man Logan, the world is placed in an alternate reality that sees Mysterio, the Spider-Man villain with the weird fishbowl head/helmet having a serious influence on Wolverine. As the villain is a master of illusion, he hypnotizes Logan into believing that all the X-Men are hostile invaders attacking the X-Men home base.  Logan ends up slaughtering the entire team in the most brutal fashion. After coming out of the hypnosis, the hero spirals into a deep depression that ends with him giving up the Wolverine title.

The Hulk’s Crazy Family:


Bruce Banner is one of the smartest characters in Marvel. The same goes for his first cousin, Jennifer Walters [She’s a lawyer]. But in Old Man Logan, they do the dumbest thing, getting involved in an incestuous relationship that results in some crazy offsprings. Their children have more incest ridden children amongst themselves and that’s what we get in this new world-Some hillbilly hicks with green skin and amazing strength. Bruce Banner also becomes a super villain in this new world who rules over HULKLAND. His grandchildren become money collectors for all the Hulkland citizens.

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