Thor: Ragnarok Revealed That Vampires Exist in the MCU

Vampires Exist in the MCU:

The MCU is soon going to be crawling with all kinds of beings that we haven’t seen yet. We’ve seen several alien races already. But what we haven’t seen are 5 different earth-based species. Phases 4 & 5 will bring in Mutants, Inhumans, Eternals, Deviants & Vampires. Okay maybe the Skrulls are deviants and Thanos was an Eternal (with a Deviant syndrome). But Earth-based Eternals & Deviants are yet to arrive. Maybe even the Marvel Zombies will soon be brought into the mix. But we’re not sure about them. Besides these 6 species, the ones that people are thinking the least about are Vampires.

Thor: Ragnarok Vampires Exist in the MCU

Ever since Mahershala Ali was announced as MCU’s Vampire hunter, Blade, we got confirmation that Vampires really do exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But we didn’t really need Blade’s announcement to know of the Vampiric existence. Thor: Ragnarok actually revealed that Vampires do exist. In fact, it told us that Vampires aren’t just beings from Earth. They’re actually universal! And we heard about them from a person that we least expected. It was Korg who talked about killing 3 Vampires with a big wooden fork.

Thor: Ragnarok Vampires Exist in the MCU

Since Korg is played by Taika Waititi, this notion of 3 Vampires was actually a nod to Waititi’s horror comedy – What We Do In The Shadows. This film is a story about “3 Vampires.” So, it was a funny Easter Egg added in by Taika. It killed 2 birds with 1 stone, or rather 3 Vampires, with 1 fork. It’s crazy that even though these blood suckers exist universally, not one of them has been reported or showed up in the MCU yet. But, we’d see them crawl out of the shadows very soon. And Blade will be there to take them down.

In fact, he may not be alone. Rumor has it that Elsa Bloodstone might help him take down these Vamps with the fangs. Marvel & Sony are cooking up something together. Their deal will probably allow Spidey & the characters related to him to hop in the MCU & SPUMC constantly. So, we reckon that Jared Leto’s Michael Morbius could actually appear in one of MCU’s Spider-Man movies, if not Blade as well.

Since Blade & Spidey have teamed up several times in the books, it’d be nice for them to team up after Morbius appears in Spider-Man 3 or 4. Morbius could bring some more Vampires from Sony’s Universe as well. But besides Morbius, we’re pretty excited to see the appearance of Count Dracula in the MCU. Whenever that happens, you have to keep in mind that it was all set up by Thor: Ragnarok! How funny is that? Maybe Korg will team up with Blade to take down Vampires on Earth. Wouldn’t that be an amazing crossover?

Vampires Exist in the MCU

The MCU will now have to find a way to normalize Vampires. Since Vampires cannot walk freely in broad daylight, it’d be rather easier to explain the zero Vampire sightings that we’ve had in the MCU so far. Also, we’re interested to see whether the arrival of the Vampires will be tied to certain events of Phase 3, or maybe Phase 4 (WandaVision or Doctor Strange 2). That will provide a better explanation for how Vampires have become as common as Blade might lead us to believe.

Vampires Exist in the MCU

As for Blade’s own debut, it might happen in Doctor Strange 2 or in Moon Knight. Since Mahershala Ali’s announcement came so soon, it’d be fair to believe that he might show up in a Phase 4 project instead of making us wait all the way up to mid-Phase 5. Disney has registered a production company by the name of Grass-Fed Productions, which is reportedly involved in the active development of the Blade movie. So, we reckon that more news updates about the eventual Blade project will be hitting the internet by next year. And, Blade might ultimately get a release window of mid-2023. Let’s wait and see what happens.

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