10 Times DC Characters Aced The Use of Power Rings

In the DC comics universe, we have often witnessed the arrival of several strong characters, but there has been an incident in the DC comics universe which witnessed these characters come in contact with power rings. This event was globally known as the ‘Blackest night’ event and saw several characters being forced with different power rings. The use of these power rings enabled the characters to reach levels much higher than their current level and achieve something truly mesmerizing and grateful. So here is a list of DC characters who have donned the power rings in the DC narrative and seem to have done a good job at it.

Saint Walker – Blue Ring

One of the most powerful wielders of the Blue Ring, Saint Walker on numerous occasions has risen to help Hal Jordan with his battle against stronger opponents. The Blue Ring allows Saint Walker to raise the power levels of a green ring user to levels never seen or witnessed before, along with that Saint Walker can also heal and nullify the effects of a red ring user.

Scarecrow – Yellow Ring

Probably the only factor deciding the ring bearer was the element of fear, and for Scarecrow the yellow ring was the perfect match. As the Scarecrow went around Gotham scaring people, this helped in growing his powers, by the use of the ring. Surprisingly Scarecrow does not cause much havoc and is just happy to be a part of a team.

Larfleeze – Orange Ring

Larfleeze is the only ring user who has had been the owner of the red ring for several centuries and his expertise in controlling and using the ring knows no bounds. Larfleeze was, is, and will be the original owner of the orange ring due to the essence of greed that fills the mind of the wielder, channeled by the ring.

Supergirl – Red Ring

In the New 52 version, we witnessed Supergirl inducted into the Red Lantern corps. Post her donning the red power ring, Supergirl became a lot angrier than her normal depictions as the calm and calculated Supergirl.

Superman – Yellow Ring

On two separate occasions, we witnessed Superman donning the yellow power ring and the symbol of fear. On wearing the ring, it was clarified that Superman had the fear of not trusting anyone, which was also the reason for parallax easily being able to take control of Superman.

Lex Luthor – Orange Ring

Lex Luthor is given the ring not to serve any heroic purpose, rather because of his greed. It was as coherent of a reference as a ring of chaos choosing The Joker as its wielder, in the same the Orange ring chose Lex Luthor. Confirming that it was always Lex’s greed that was the source of his motivation.

Lobo – Green Ring

The readers witnessed in the Injustice narrative, Lobo gains the powers of a green ring and battle out with a red lantern corp. The narrative witnessed Lobo thrash Dex-Starr (a red lantern cat) across the galaxy, with Atrocitus watching the entire incident. And is left gaping in awe as one of his most skilled comrades was turned to nothing by a newbie wielder of a power ring.

Black Canary – Green Ring

The deceased narrative witnessed Hal Jordan being killed, and his ring choosing Dinah Lance aka Black Canary as its next wielder. Dinah shows her heroic act and claims to not wanting to keep the ring, but eventually ends up keeping it with a little help from Superman.

Batman – Yellow Ring

The narrative of the story revolved around Batman getting the power of the yellow ring, which perfect for the caped crusader as he is the only person whom the criminals of Gotham are afraid of. Post the narrative Sinestro was also heard offering Bruce a permanent seat at the Yellow corps council, hinting at a possible future arc.

Flash – Blue Ring

Probably one of the greatest moments in the history of comics, which witnessed Flash who is often known to raise hope in other characters. Gets the chance to become the wielder of the blue power ring. The moment became as epic as Captain America lifting the Mjolnir in the Marvel comics.

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