10 Strongest Members of The Hand – Ranked

Strongest Members of The Hand:

The Hand is a Criminal Organization that was formed several centuries ago. Originally formed as a force for good, evil forces soon mutilated it from the inside and turned it into a criminal cult that only worked towards spreading chaos and destruction. And throughout the years, the superheroes of Marvel Comics have routinely come into conflict with The Hand and their forces, some of whom are extremely powerful.

 1. Makro

Makro was created as a pet project for the Hand. She is actually a cyborg who was given mechanical augmentations. Makro has extra limbs on her body. These limbs allow her to look like a multi-handed entity. The Hand wanted her to look like the Hindu Goddess Kali, the Goddess of Fear and Destruction. While that objective looks half fulfilled, Makro actually resembles the Japanese Giant Spider Crab more. Some sources claim that was what the Hand scientists originally intended for her to look like. Makro was kept confined to a laboratory all her life until Daredevil freed her and invited her to become a part of the Nail – a band of elite assassins.

 2. Lady Bullseye

Lady Bullseye was once just a sex slave for the Japanese Criminal Organization called the Yakuza. When Bullseye infiltrated the hideout she was held captive in, she saw first-hand just how magnificent and gracefully Bullseye took down the hordes of men singlehandedly. She soon fell in love with him and vowed to become his equal in martial arts. Master Izo, one of the Original founders of The Hand and The Chaste, trained her in several forms of martial arts. Lady Bullseye later turned coats and joined The Hand to become one of their most elite assassins. She has the superpower to turn her entire body into a gaseous form.

 3. Lord Shingen

Strongest Members of The Hand

Lord Shingen is the former head of the Yashida Clan and is the father of Mariko Yashida – the love interest of Wolverine, and Kenuichio Harada aka the Silver Samurai. Lord Shingen was a powerful businessman that ran into tremendous debts and was thus forced into an eternal life of servitude to The Hand. Lord Shingen is one of Japan’s finest martial artists. He once challenged Wolverine to a fight and despite him being an ordinary human being and Wolverine having his claws and his impeccable healing factor, almost defeated him. He is also a master manipulator and strategist.

 4. Silver Samurai

Strongest Members of The Hand

Kenuichio Harada is the brother of Mariko, the heir to the Yashida Clan. When Mariko was announced as the new would-be the leader of the Clan, Kenuichio plated with Viper aka Madam Hydra to have her killed. His plans never bore fruit due to Wolverine and Rogue’s interventions. Kenuichio later joined the Hand as an assassin for hire and would become one of their top hit-men and assassins. Kenuichio is a mutant with the ability to emit a tachyon energy field around any object he holds. The tachyon energy will make the object gain a molecular blade which allows it to cut anything except adamantium. Silver Samurai routinely comes into conflict with the Wolverine.

 5. Black Tarantula

Strongest Members of The Hand

Nobody really knows the Black Tarantula’s real name. Some say he is more than 700 years old. Some say it is a mantle that is passed down from one generation to another. Whoever or whatever he is, Black Tarantula is one of the most powerful soldiers in The Hand’s army. The only truth about his origin story is that he is of Mexican origin and traveled to Japan to study the Orient but was conscripted into The Hand due to unforeseen circumstances. Black Tarantula has superhuman levels of strength and speed and is extremely agile. He also has a healing factor that rivals that of Wolverine and can shoot an energy beam from his eyes, which he uses as a last resort.

 6. Elektra

Strongest Members of The Hand

Elektra Natchios is popularly known as the Scarlet Assassin aka Elektra. She is the world’s most feared assassin. Trained in the art of martial arts and espionage by prominent members of the Chaste like Drake and Stick, Elektra is a force to be reckoned with. Elektra Natchios is proficient in a lot of armed and unarmed combat techniques but her favorite weapon is a pair of Sais that she can dance around like the freaking angel of Death with. Her abilities are also of a certain mystical nature. Elektra can use hypnosis and has been known to use meditation to bestow her-self a regenerative healing factor.

 7. Daredevil

While you might think what Daredevil is doing on this list, there is a reason why he is here as well. Matt Murdock was a child when he met with an accident that took away his eyes but gave him the superhuman radar sense that allowed him to ‘see’ sound. He trained under Izo and Stick and became one of the world’s greatest vigilantes. Calling himself the Man without Fear aka Daredevil, Matt Murdock has locked horns with the Kingpin as well as The Hand. The Hand is to Daredevil what Hydra is to Captain America. All his life, Daredevil has only tried to dismantle The Hand. But there was once a time (The Shadowland saga) when he took control of the organization and became the very thing he had sworn to defeat. And he was formidable.

 8. Gorgon

Tomi Shishido was born a genius. By the time he was only a few months old, he started talking and by the time he was six, he had already composed his first award-winning opera. Accomplishing so much at such a tender age left Shishido craving more from what life was offering him. He would later develop the mutant ability to petrify people by locking eyes with them. Calling himself the mutant extremist leader Gorgon, Shishido started the Dawn of the White Light – a radical mutant group that only wanted to purge the world and help it start afresh. He is also one of the strongest swordsmen in the world and has served in both The Hand and in Hydra.

 9. Master Izo

Master Izo has the distinction of being one of the founding members of the Hand over a thousand years ago. The Hand was once a benevolent organization that secretly worked for the preservation of peace and harmony in the Empire. When the leader of the Hand died, the organization became a cult that started worshipping a demon. That is when Izo decided to gouge out his own eyes and leave the group.

Master Izo started the Chaste – an organization powerful enough to counter the Hand. He was eventually cast out because of his drinking and gambling issues. But do not let his old age fool you. Izo is more than half a millennium old and has learned more than 100 different kinds of martial arts. He also possesses the same level of superhuman senses as Daredevil.

 10. Kagenobu Yoshioka

You may not have even heard of this guy. But trust us, you have not heard of him because he likes to keep it that way. Kagenobu Yoshioka is the original founder of The Hand. He was the one that forced The Hand, once a force for peace and harmony, into a demon-worshipping cult that became the harbingers of doom and chaos. Kagenobu is pretty much immortal and has amassed a fortune along with connections and resources to make him one of the most powerful men on Earth. That is not to say that Kagenobu is just a guy with too much power. He is a powerful warrior that has made renowned martial artists like Daredevil and Elektra bite the dust.

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