Batman vs. Daredevil – Which Caped Vigilante is the better superhero of The two

Batman vs. Daredevil Which Caped Vigilante is better:

Superheroes come in all shapes, sizes, and superpowers. But only a handful come with just sheer will-power and pure human skill and still manages to make it to the Big Leagues. Batman is the most famous example in DC Comics. The World’s Greatest Detective is a long-time Justice League member and is considered the planet’s most dangerous human being. In Marvel Comics, the man that could be considered the equivalent of Batman in terms of work ethics and moral code in Daredevil, also known as the Man without Fear. What happens when you pit one against the other in a battle to the death? Who would win that match?

 1. Technology – Batman

Batman vs. Daredevil Which Caped Vigilante is better

Batman’s mastery of technology is several times greater than Daredevil could ever imagine. He has mastered science in several disciplines – chemistry, forensics, physics, astrobiology, radiology, medical science and a host of other sciences. Dare-devil is not even a scientist. He is a lawyer. Literally nothing he has learned could even be considered science. Batman is endowed with technology as well as the money to back him up. Daredevil neither has the knack nor the resources to learn. Batman has both. And time and again, he has shown that he is more than capable and worthy of being one of the most technologically endowed of all superheroes in the DC Universe.

 2. Experience – Batman

Batman vs. Daredevil Which Caped Vigilante is better

In terms of pure experience, Batman beats Daredevil by a huge margin. When a truck spilled dangerous chemicals right into Matt Murdock’s eyes, it was what gave Murdock the ability of the radar sense and propelled him to become Daredevil. Matt spent the next couple of years learning the ways of the warrior under Stick, after which he learned how to hone his other senses and became a part-time criminal lawyer and full-time Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. Batman, on the other hand, witnessed the death of his parents, was an emotional scarred post which, he traveled the whole world to learn how to fight back evil. His experience is way more potent than Daredevils.

 3. Moral Code – Daredevil

Batman vs. Daredevil Which Caped Vigilante is better

Both Batman and Daredevil are morally righteous and believe in the word of the Law above all else. But what differentiates Matt Murdock from Bruce Wayne is that the world, for Murdock, is a happy place filled with happy people who are caught in the cross-fire and end up in the bad side of the law. For Batman, everyone is evil. It only takes one bad day to turn a normal person into the greatest criminal of all. Daredevil regularly fights for the people and believes in the inherent goodness in people. Batman is always suspicious and wants to put everyone’s behind bars at the slightest of their wrong-doings.

 4. Skills – Batman

Batman vs. Daredevil Which Caped Vigilante is better

Batman is an escape artist, a ventriloquist, is a master of deduction, as well as a hand to hand combatant of the highest order. Daredevil only has a few sets of skills that could even hold a candle to Batman’s. Batman is even well-versed in the occult and is extremely good at using firearms. All Daredevil does is use a pair of sticks to move around an opponent. Sure he is a gifted criminal psychologist and lawyer but apart from his ability to decipher the criminal code, he got nothing on the god level skill sets of Batman.

 5. Super Powers – Daredevil

Batman vs. Daredevil Which Caped Vigilante is better

Batman was born a normal human being. He has no superpowers to boast of. What he does have is his inherent ability to achieve the extraordinary through skill and concentration. Daredevil takes the cake here because he has an ability that has proven to be extremely handy even in the direst of situations. It is his radar sense. His enhanced sensory system is an advantage that has put a lot of enemies in a tight spot. He literally sees the world in waves. He can hear a person talking from a mile away and can judge if a person is lying by listening to his heart-beat. Even his sense of smell is a hundred times better than normal human beings and is comparable to Wolverine.

 6. Super Friends – Batman

Batman vs. Daredevil Which Caped Vigilante is better

Throughout his life, Daredevil has preferred working alone. He does have some friends in the form of Karen Page and Foggy Nelson. In terms of friends that have superpowers, Daredevil has people like Luke Cage, the Iron Fist and Jessica Jones to watch his rear. But that is almost it. Batman, on the other hand, has people that are literally Gods amongst men, and he is their best of friends. If Batman is in danger or is in need of allies, his pals will surely come to his aid and will rain down hell on Bat’s enemies if need be.

 7. Intelligence – Batman

Batman vs. Daredevil Which Caped Vigilante is better

We are no denying that Daredevil is a smart fellow. But he does not hold a candle to Batman. And we have facts to prove to you. Daredevil, if it boils down to sheer brainpower, is nothing but a street brawler. He knows how to fight people and put them behind bars. Batman is nothing short of a wonder in this field. He is a master of deduction, knows at least two dozens of fighting styles, has developed a martial art technique that can kill even the greatest of superhumans, and is exceptionally smart when it comes to being resourceful.

 8. Popularity – Batman

Batman vs. Daredevil Which Caped Vigilante is better

This is a no-contest – Batman is way more popular than Daredevil. He is one of the three superheroes who are considered the Holy Trinity of DC Comics, the other two beings Wonder Woman and Superman. Popularity wise, Daredevil lacks experience and skill to match up to Batman’s caliber. It could also be attributed to the fact that Batman has stuck around longer and has been featured way too many times in the most premium crossover storylines of DC Comics, unlike Daredevil who has only found himself in the limelight in a select few Marvel storylines that went on to be critically acclaimed.

 9. Rogues’ Gallery – Draw

Batman vs. Daredevil Which Caped Vigilante is better

Batman’s Rogues Gallery consists of villains like Professor Ivo Strange, the Riddler, the Penguin, Dead-shot, Clay-Face, Harley Quinn and the evergreen – the Joker. Compared to that, all Daredevil has faced is a Crime Lord and most of the times face a mysterious supernatural organization called the Hand. But we are going to put this as a draw because Daredevil has way fewer resources than Batman has. Even still, he is feared and is known as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.

 10. Weapons – Batman

Batman vs. Daredevil Which Caped Vigilante is better

We all know Batman and his utility belt. The guy has literally stacked everything in there. From shark repellents to a Mother Box, the utility belt of Batman can hold anything everything. Daredevil does not believe in a utility belt. He has his trusted walking stick that doubles up as Nun-Chucks to aid him in battle. The weapon of Daredevil houses a grappling hook to jump around buildings as well as a tape recorder and a wireless microphone. But nothing comes even close to Batman’s weaponry arsenal. It is huge and is way more than the Daredevil could ever manage.

Winner – Batman

Batman vs. Daredevil Which Caped Vigilante is better

In terms of intelligence, Weaponry, Skills, Experience, Allies at his disposal and the level of enemies faced, Batman is way better than Daredevil is and as a result, is the winner of the brawl to the death. Daredevil might be a very well-known superhero who is respected throughout the superhero community but he is not Batman. This is why Bruce Wayne aka Batman wins this fight fair and square.

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Batman vs. Daredevil Which Caped Vigilante is better

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