Marvel Has Just Introduced The Scariest Wielder of Power Stone (And it’s not Thanos)

Marvel Introduced Scariest Wielder of Power Stone:

The Marvel Comic book Universe has way more villains than the Marvel cinematic universe could accommodate. They are numerous and so powerful that making them appear in the movies will only make things more complicated. In the current state of power levels that the Good Guys of the Earth possess, they do not hope to stand a chance against the actual Super-Villains of the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Maybe that is exactly why Marvel decided to not include this supervillain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s villains’ roster.

Marvel Introduced Scariest Wielder of Power Stone

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Avengers #31 up ahead. Enter at your own risk….

Iron Man is having his own adventure in comic books. His exploits are redefining the phrase that is ‘A Blast from the Past’ because he is literally in the past! Iron Man has traveled back in time and is trapped in an age where humans are yet to completely dominate the Earth as a species. Iron Man did find some allies along the way but also made a lot of enemies, including the Lord of Hell – the Demon King Mephisto. And Mephisto has been sending hired gun after hired gun to take Iron Man out. After failing numerous times to clear a path, Mephisto might finally have an answer as to how to get rid of Iron Man.

Mephisto has sent Gorgilla, the prehistoric ape-like Villain who is considered the first user of the Power Stone. The bloodthirsty villain has the Power Stone embedded in his body and he is infamously known to have fearsome uses of the abilities granted to him by the Infinity Stone.

The genius, playboy, and philanthropist Tony Stark have been trapped in the past for quite some time now. To be precise, he is trapped in the 1 Million B.C. timeline. He has had a scuffle with the Avengers of 1 Million B.C. After that fight, his suit took a lot of damage and as a result, he hid in a cave shelter where he set up a workshop to work on his armor again. But in an age where technology is nothing but a myth, Iron Man is having trouble finding parts to repair his armor. Add on to that the numerous attacks being orchestrated on him. It is later revealed that Mephisto is sending his henchmen into Iron Man’s cave to convince him to join his side.

Mephisto needs soldiers. The Demon King is known to be thirsty for power. He wants Iron Man to join his side because he knows he is an asset. Although he is not proficient in Magic and is a Man of Science, Iron Man has been known to be very adaptable. He has shown an incredible feat of using technology that blends in both science and magic. As Iron Man is trying to hide from the freaky force that is the Prehistoric Mother Nature, he is in a conundrum – How can he even fathom to find a way to get out of this hell hole of a world?!

Marvel Introduced Scariest Wielder of Power Stone

Mephisto sends in several “temptations” into his caveat first. But it is Tony Stark we are talking about. The temptations that Mephisto uses to entice other mere mortals will not work on Iron Man since he is one of the richest men on Earth and he literally has and seen everything there is. So Mephisto decides to do it by hook or by crook. He sends a band of Cave Men to drag Iron Man out of the cave, the Stark stronghold for the time being. This turns out to be a terrible idea since Tony Stark is known to be very ingenious at creating grand traps using nothing but his sharp mind. The Cave Men are scared off by Tony Stark who uses a combination of primitive 21t Century Technology to smite the living hell out of them.

Tony realizes that the primitive age may be defunct with all technology but it also has his own merits. There are a lot of powerful and ancient relics all-around at this point in time. Some of them are the phoenix Force, the powerful Star Brand, as well as the Mjolnir, all wielded by the Avengers 1 Million BC. The Infinity Stones are also very easily available since Mephisto already has some in his possession.

Ironheart Facts Marvel Marvel Introduced Scariest Wielder of Power Stone

Iron Man then comes up with a theory – an era that has so many powerful superheroes will surely have some pretty insanely powerful supervillains. That has always been the norm in the universe. If the hero is ten times as powerful, then the villain will be a hundred times stronger than the good guy. His fears come true when his cave shelter is visited by a Power Stone enhanced Gorgilla.

Gorgilla was created by the race of Deviants, an evolutionary offshoot of humanity formed after the experiments by Celestials on the Prehistoric humans. The Deviants wanted to create an unstoppable monster that could stand up to the mightiest of attacks thrown at it. Gorgilla is a hybrid creature that has super hard skin and superhuman strength. The guy is so invincible that not even time has managed to put a dent in his armour. He is pretty much immortal, having managed to make multiple appearances in modern-day comic books.

Gorgilla storms into the cave and makes Tony Stark bite the dust. He easily destroys the Iron Man armor and leaves Tony no way of recouping his losses. After beating the Iron Man to a pulp, Gorgilla suddenly stops and leaves the cave. Tony realizes this is another one of Mephisto’s temptations. Mephisto had instructed Gorgilla to beat Tony Stark to almost death and then leave him be. That was the ‘Temptation of Death’. Still undeterred, Tony Stark manages to use some make-shift armor to fight Gorgilla again.

Marvel Introduced Scariest Wielder of Power Stone

The thing that is irking the fans is – how come Mephisto is looking for new recruits when he has all the power (literally all the power since he has the Power Stone) he will ever need to conquer the planet. If he has people like a Power Stone enhanced Gorgilla in his armies, why does he care about Iron Man or the Avengers 1 Million BC And how did Gorgilla end up with the Power Stone?

Did Mephisto play a hand at making Gorgilla this powerful? Considering the fact that the Avengers of that era are still around and all of them hold unimaginable power, can we expect a grand battle royale between Gorgilla and the rest of the folks? And what is Tony Stark’s role in all of this? The issue has invited more questions than it has given answers to. We will have to wait and find out how this thing pans out in the future when the next issue hits the stands.

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