Star-Lord Kills A God To Prove His Thanos Moment Doesn’t Mean He Is A Wuss!!

Star-Lord might have rubbed the fans wrongly when he singlehandedly became the reason for the death of half of the universe in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Infinity War. But a course correction is in order. Marvel is hard at work to revamp Star-Lord’s image. And in the course of doing so, they have turned him into a true badass. Star-Lord may look like a sassy and quirky but ultimately a normal human being but he truly has achieved a marvellous feat. Will it be enough to make the fans love him again? Let’s see if they do. Presenting – Star-Lord kills a God to prove his Thanos moment doesn’t mean he is a wuss!!

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy #2 up ahead. Enter at your own risk…

After losing most of his character traction at the climax of Infinity War, Star-Lord just might have got enough firepower to blast his way back to his former glory again. He is not just going to save the day but do something truly remarkable. Star-Lord has killed a God and cemented him-self as a comic book avatar of awesomeness.

Star-Lord Kills A God

To be precise, Star-Lord just killed a God of Olympus, one of the immortals of the Greek Pantheon. The Gods of Olympus have been just resurrected back from the dead and they are creating havoc throughout the universe, leaving a trail of destruction and chaos in their wake. To regain back their power, the Gods of Olympus need to refuel their dimensional engine for which they need to rampage, pillage, kill, and murder all over the cosmos since the Dimensional Engine in question can only be powered by the blood, toil, and treasures of creation. Olympus has become the symbol of death as wherever it appears, death follows. The new team of the Guardians of the Galaxy are ready to take the fight to the invaders. And with Star-Lord, they might have dealt a heavy blow.

Star-Lord Kills A God

The Gods led by Zeus are in for a surprise when the Guardians manage to infiltrate their premises. While the rest of the team distracts the Gods, Peter Quill aka Star-Lord uses the distraction to sneak a black hole bomb strong enough to destroy the floating city into the dimensional engine’s rotor room. Artemis – the Greek Goddess of the Hunt and Wildlife intercepts Star-Lord in his tracks. Instead of killing him instantly though, she decides to play with her prey a bit and shoots an arrow into his leg, incapacitating his movement. But using his Element Gun switched to Earth Mode, Star-Lord encases Artemis in pure diamond, the hardest substance on Earth and Artemis dies a dazzling but instant death.

Star-Lord Kills A God

At the dimension rotor cell, he finds Hephaestus – the Weapon-Smith of the Gods and his army of “Automatons” made out of the dead bodies of all the people the Greek Gods have killed, standing in his way. Just when things look too bleak for Star-Lord. He turns the tables by using the same arrow Artemis shot into his thigh and shoving it right through Hephaestus’ neck, killing him.

But to the team’s horror, the timer function on the bomb is malfunctioning. So, Star-Lord decides to stay back and explode the bomb manually. He watches his team get to a safe distance, and manually detonates the black hole bomb taking him-self along with the city. Star-Lord died a hero’s death but not before saving millions of lives and killing two seemingly immortal beings that were supposedly invincible and invulnerable.

The question that is now in everybody’s mind is – Is it enough to absolve him of his crimes?!?!

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