Thor Absolutely Destroys Galactus to Prove He is & Always Will be The Strongest Avenger

Thor Destroys Galactus to prove he is the Strongest Avenger:

For years, the Marvel fan base is torn as to which superhero is the true heir to the mantle of the Strongest Avenger. Some claim it is the Hulk that should get the crown. Some claim it is Captain Marvel that makes the most sense to be given the title. And some others claim the true heir is Thor, the Norse God of Thunder. The debates have only become heated with the introduction of Captain Marvel into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the epic but an inconclusive fight between Hulk and Thor in Thor: Ragnarok. But Marvel Comics has finally given us an answer with respect to the strongest of the three most eligible candidates in the race.

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Thor Destroys Galactus to Prove he is The Strongest Avenger

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Thor #2 by Donny Cates, Matt Wilson, Nic Klein, and Joe Sabino up ahead. Enter at your own risk….

In the first issue of Thor, Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds, comes crashing down into Asgard. Thor is about to kill him because Galactus had agreed to a pact which ensured that Galactus will never ever set foot on Asgard again the violation of which will lead to immediate and swift retribution from the Asgardian side. It is then revealed that Galactus is dying and the Universe is about to be swallowed by something called the Black Winter. Black Winter was the phenomenon that destroyed the universe (of which Galactus is the sole survivor) that predated the current one. It is coming to devour everything once more.

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Thor Destroys Galactus to Prove he is The Strongest Avenger

Silver surfer reveals that since Galactus has fought the Black Winter before and lived to tell the tale, he was their only chance at stopping the Star Plague from destroying the universe. Since Galactus is weaker than ever, he needed to consume five unique planets scattered all over the cosmos in order to regain his strength and become strong enough to fight the Black Winter. To help him in finding these planets, Galactus chose Thor as his new Herald, imbuing him with the Power Cosmic. Thor was already considered to be one of the strongest Avengers ever. With the Power Cosmic in his grasp, he is nigh unstoppable.

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Thor Destroys Galactus to Prove he is The Strongest Avenger

Immediately after accepting his new role as Galactus’ herald, Thor starts searching for the first planet on the list. He finds the planet that Galactus needs to devour but realizes that the planet is inhabited by a native sentient alien species. Thor may be working for Galactus now but he is still an Avenger, a hero who will do whatever he can to protect the innocents. He asks Galactus to leave this planet alone and go for the rest of the four planets on the list instead. Galactus refuses and Thor decides to defend the planet at all costs.

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Galactus tries to use an energy blast to bring the God of Thunder down. Thor strikes back by throwing Mjolnir at him, which destroys Galactus’ left hand. He then calls it back which plunges right through Galactus and knocks him down. Even though Galactus was in a terribly weakened state, he is still a Cosmic God who cannot be taken down by mere mortals. Thor almost wins the battle using a combination of his Asgardian abilities and the Power Cosmic before he is interrupted by the planet’s populace, who mistakenly perceive Thor as their enemy. Galactus manages to consume the planet and regain back his health. Stronger than ever before, Galactus becomes the God of Hunger. But will he let his own Herald’s transgressions against him slide? Highly unlikely if you ask us!!

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