All Power Lantern Corps In The DC Comics Universe – Ranked According To Power Level

It was in 2007 that the writers of DC Comics decided to expand on the vast Green Lantern lore. Geoff Johns and Dave Gibbons thought to themselves – why cannot there be Power Lantern Corps of other colors? And that is how the birth of the other Lantern Corps was conceptualized. The Power Lanterns are each assigned to color within the emotional spectrum, each representing one predominant emotion. There are also Spectrums that lay outside of the seven spectrum range, and they too are now part of the DC universe. All of the powers and abilities of the Lantern Corps are similar in nature with some unique and distinct qualities particular to each. We will be diving into the full details soon. Presenting – All Power Lantern Corps in the DC Comics Universe – Ranked according to power level.

 11. The Ultraviolet Corps

Power Lantern Corps DC Comics

The Ultraviolet Corps are the latest entry to the Power Lanterns. It only has two members – Sinestro and John Stewart. Sinestro used to be the leader of the Yellow Lantern Corps. But he has found his way to an Ultraviolet Power Ring. Sinestro had been looking for the Ultraviolet Spectrum ever since he was in the Green Lantern Corps.

The other member is John Stewart, the famous human Green Lantern that became an Ultraviolet Corps by feeding the ring with all the pent up negative energy he had accumulated. The entity that powers the ring is called Umbrax, a primordial force that existed before the Big Bang and is one of the strongest entities within the Invisible Spectrum.

 10. White Lantern Corps

Power Lantern Corps DC Comics

The White Lantern Corps came into existence during the Blackest Night event. The White Lantern Ring chose Kyle Rayner as the first host and the first member of the Corps. The White Lantern Corps do not actually have a power distinctive to them. The White Lantern ring has the power to amplify the existing powers and abilities of the wielder. The power of the White Lanterns is totally Anti-Black Lantern and is probably the only thing that can kill a Black Lantern.

The Superheroes who embraced life and became a part of the Corps shared the power of Kyle Rayner, who was then known as the Torch-Bearer of the Corps. While the amplification powers for the White Lantern rings work on the rest of the corps members, the powers of Kyle Rayner – who is the Ultimate White Lantern are starkly different.

 9. Star Sapphire Corps

Power Lantern Corps DC Comics

The Star Sapphires represent the violet color of love of the emotional spectrum. While the wielders of the power of love make it look like they are a benevolent force that wants to usher in a golden age of universal peace and harmony, nothing could be further from the truth. Love, in greater doses, can be indeed very dark. Star Sapphires represent the obsessive, darker version of love, the love that a stalker or a person with OCD has for you.

There have been only two exceptions to that rule. Star Sapphire Fatality fought the Star Sapphire’s influence and managed to stay on the Good side. Star Sapphire Carol Ferris started out as a supervillain who fought the Green Lantern and the Flash but then became a superhero after redeeming herself.

 8. Alpha Lantern Corps

Power Lantern Corps DC Comics

They are the guardian angels of Oa, the policemen that protect the Green Central Power Battery located at the centre of the Universe from all kinds of threats – both external and internal! The Alpha Lantern Corps could be considered as fanatics. They are firm believer in the Guardians’ cause to maintain order and will go to extreme lengths to carry out their will. They are also directly connected to the Central Power Battery at Oa. They never need to charge their rings like the normal Green Lanterns. John Stewart was once considered for the position of an Alpha Lantern but he declined the spot.

 7. Indigo Tribe

Power Lantern Corps DC Comics

The Indigo Tribe are found on the Indigo Colour of Compassion. The goal of the Indigo Tribe Corps was to teach the violent and cruel elements of society the value of compassion and help rehabilitate these unlawful creatures into becoming forces for good. The one thing that makes the Indigo Tribe so unique is that it was founded by Abin Sur, the legendary Green Lantern whose ring was then worn by Hal Jordan. The Tribe has no use for names of any kind and their leader is known as Indigo 1. The Indigo Tribe members gain access to the ability to tap into the powers of the other Power lantern Corps, giving them distinct abilities for a short amount of time.

 6. Orange Lantern Corps

Power Lantern Corps DC Comics

Fuelled by the power of Avarice and Greed, the Orange Lantern Corps is a one-man show. The only surviving member of the Corps is Larfleeze. But it is not like no one joined the Corps or they were killed in some unfortunate incident. Larfleeze killed all the other members because of his greed for power and now uses their ghosts as his weapons of war.

The power of the Orange Lantern Corps is so vast and strong that the Guardians of the Universe, creators of the Green Lantern Corps, personally made a deal with Larfleeze to never set foot near the planet Okaara or the nearby Vega System and in turn, Larfleeze will end his war against the Green Lanterns. Lex Luthor once became an Orange Lantern during the events of Blackest Night.

 5. Black Lantern Corps

Power Lantern Corps DC Comics

The Black Lantern Corps are the creation of Nekron, a demonic entity that feeds on death and destruction. Nekron made a deal with a human called William Hand, who became the avatar and Leader of the Black Lantern Corps. Now called the Black Hand, William Hand resurrected an entire army of the dead and used it to wage a global war on Earth. It was later revealed that the people who returned from the dead as Black Lanterns were only those who are still remembered by the living. The Black Lanterns are powerful creatures and can overwhelm any opponent via sheer numbers.

 4. Blue Lantern Corps

Power Lantern Corps DC Comics

The Blue Lantern Corps represents the blue power of hope. They are probably the nicest Lanterns in our list. The creators of the Corps were Ganthet and Sayd, very renowned Ring users in the DC Universe. The Blue Lantern Corps is a complementary force to the Green Lantern Corps. The Blue Power Ring only works when a Green Power Ring is nearby. In return, the Green Power ring is turbo-charged by the Blue Power Ring’s aura.

There is no hope without will. There is no will without hope. That is the central mantra when it comes to how these two emotional auras work together. The Flash once became a Blue Lantern because of his undying hope, in the face of insurmountable odds, to succeed during Blackest Night.

 3. Red Lantern Corps

Power Lantern Corps DC Comics

The Red Lantern Corps were the result of a mistake. They came into existence in retaliation to the Guardians of the Universe’s miscalculations when their first-ever Universal Peacekeeping Force, the Manhunters, went crazy and decided to end all life. The Manhunters exterminated an entire planet and Atrocitus was the sole survivor. Atrocitus would then channel all his rage into forging a Red Lantern Power Ring. This ring, once worn, would replace the wielder’s heart and start pumping pure anger in liquid form in place of blood. The ring also negated the effects of the Green Power Ring and helped the user spit red corrosive acid from his mouth.

 2. Yellow Lantern Corps

Power Lantern Corps DC Comics

The Yellow Lantern Corps were formed by Sinestro after he was banished from the Green Lantern Corps. Sinestro founded the Yellow Power Battery at Qward and harnessed the Yellow power of fear to forge the Yellow Power Ring. He then went on a huge recruitment drive to hire members that could instill great fear amongst their enemies. Many powerful super villains like Scare Crow, Anti-Monitor, Superboy-Prime, and even Mongul have been a part of the Yellow Lantern Corps.

 1. Green Lantern Corps

Power Lantern Corps DC Comics

Harnessing the most stable and most powerful force in the whole wide universe, the Green Lanterns use sheer willpower to do almost impossible feats on a daily basis. The members of the Corps are the most experienced and veteran soldiers of the universe that powers their rings with their immense willpower to do the right thing. Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, and Guy Gardner are the most well-known members of the Corps but there are more Green Lanterns out there that also make a difference. They had to be the topmost entry on this list for obvious reasons.

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