18 Weirdly Amazing Powers of Spider-Man Suits Only Diehard Fans Would Know

Powers of Spider-Man Suits:

The Friendly Neighbourhood Superhero is the guardian angel of Manhattan. He slings his way to save innocent lives and kick bad guys’ asses. One of the signature trademarks of Spider-Man is his classic red and blue suit. In the comic books, the number of Spider-Man suits that Spidey has worn over the years has been so many that we lost count ages ago. And since Spider-Man has to fight a variety of villains each with a vast array of abilities, the suits worn by him have also been custom made for him and they too come with a range of added features.

His eyepieces protect him against hypnosis

Spider-Man has come across several villains that prefer mind over matter. A villain called the Iguana has hypnotic abilities that he uses to sway his opponent out of the way. Spider-Man has developed an eyepiece that not only is like a one-way mirror that protects his identity but also has anti-hypnosis features.

Spider-Man Suits Helps scramble his voice

Spider-Man is one of the only superheroes that have a full face mask. Stan Lee, when he created Spider-Man, wanted him to be conceived that way. The full face mask is not just for show. Since Spider-Man speaks a lot, it would be wise to keep his vice muzzled so that his enemies won’t be able to recognize him by his voice. Also, it allows for every kid to potentially become Spider-Man by wearing the same mask.

Sonic dampeners

His earpieces are a work of scientific brilliance! After the Hobgoblin started using sonic attacks to disorient the wall-crawler and throw him off guard, Spider-Man used his genius level intellect to create sonic attack dampening earpieces that have since become a functional part of his suit.

Utility Belt

Nope, Batman does not have copyright over this piece of equipment. Spider-Man, contrary to what the Sam Raimi movies had you believe, does not produce his own webbing. He has to depend on web cartridges to do it. And they run out fast when fighting villains back to back. Spider-Man carries a utility belt containing spare web cartridges as well as a camera and his handy spider tracers.

The Spider-Signal

Step aside, Batman. There is a new hero in town. Spider-Man’s utility belt has its own Spider-Signal emitter that he uses to project his mark on walls and surfaces as well as on off guard villains. Spider-Man’s Spider-Signal belt was featured in the MCU for the first time at the end of Captain America: Civil War.

Spider-tracer shooting Web Shooters

The small Spider-Tracers are used by Spider-Man to track villains that manage to get away from his grasp. But in the old times, Spider-Man had to manually pick on Spider-Tracer out of his belt and throw it at the enemy. In the modern times, that cumbersome method has been abandoned for a far more efficient one – Spidey’s web shooters now do the job for him.

The Symbiote Suit has auto-pilot functions

The red and blue suit would eventually make way for the hugely popular Symbiote suit. Spider-Man wore it for the first time in Secret Wars after his suit is infected by the symbiote. The suit did give him new abilities and amplified his old ones but Spider-Man always woke up tired even after a good night’s sleep. Reed Richards would later discover that after Peter Parker slept, the symbiote would take over his body and go swinging around the city all night.

The bouncing disks of the Ricochet suit

After Spider-Man is falsely accused of a crime by Norman Osborne, he becomes the enemy number one in the eyes of the public. So, Peter had to let go of the red and blue suit and use other superhero costumes to continue his crime-fighting career. As Ricochet, Peter mainly relied on his supreme agility and used four bouncing disks that ricocheted off surfaces to fight crime.

The Dusk Suit allowed him to fly

Spider-Man, after entering the Negative Zone, came face to face with a group of rebels fighting Blastaar. To aid them in the battle, Spider-Man was given the Dusk suit. The new suit allowed Spider-Man to go into stealth mode when in the shadows as well as fly a distance longer than any other suit of Spider-Man allowed to. Spider-Man gave up that suit after clearing his name.

The Iron Spider suit has shapeshifting abilities

The Iron Spider suit is only second to the classic Red and Blue suit in terms of popularity. First coming into play during the Civil War storyline, the Iron Spider also has an amazing ability to change its shape, size and form according to Peter’s will just like the alien symbiote suit. This ability allowed Peter to wear the suit at all times without going to the trouble of concealing it anywhere.

The Iron Spider suit could detach pieces and control them remotely

Suppose Spider-Man comes across a scenario where he has to handle some extremely hazardous material that even the multiple protective layers of the Iron Spider suit could not protect him from. Fear not, the Iron Spider suit has the added feature of detaching parts of its body and use it remotely like a drone. It is a feature that cannot be used often but it sure is handy to have.

Compressed air supply

Several of Spider-Man’s enemies operate out of the water. So naturally, when Iron Man created the Iron Spider suit, he had to develop a way for Spidey to do his thing when below the water surface. The Iron Spider suit has only about eight minutes worth of oxygen supply but it has proved to be more than enough for Spider-Man to kick ass.

Magnetic Webbing

The Mark 2 Spider Armour is was more agile, sleeker, and modular when compared to the Mark 1 armor. Amongst the numerous upgrades it had, the lightweight suit also had a magnetic webbing feature. It allowed Spider-Man to scramble radio signals or remote controlled accessories. So when a bomb is about to be remotely detonated, all Spidey had to do was shoot his magnetic webbing at the bomb and save the day.

Mark 4 Spider Armor had antitoxins for virtually any poison known to Man

After coming into contact with a villain called the Zodiac, Spider-Man had to take a step backward when Zodiac threatened to use a prototype bio weapon poison. For the next time they meet, Spider-Man had to develop the Mark 4 Spider armor which had hidden compartments that housed antitoxins to counteract all kinds of poisons known to man.

Concrete webbing that could stop the Hulk

The Mark 4 Spider Armour had this function where the web shooters could shoot quick drying concrete webbing. Spider-Man has used this to stop the Incredible Hulk in his tracks. Even the Aztec God Itzpapalotl was no match for it.

Acid Webbing

The mark 4 suit was the product of Parker Industries, the start-up launched by Peter Parker finally becoming profitable. Spidey then developed the acid web-shooters for the suit. The acid webbing was strong enough to melt steel and other durable materials.

Enhanced hearing

Spider-Man is a copycat. He is inspired form the way other superheroes deal with their share of crime and he adapts their powers for his own use. When Spider-Man saw Daredevil using his radar sense to listen in onto his enemies and catch them, Spider-Man put an enhanced hearing aid in the Spider-Armor Mark 3 which allowed him to catch even the faintest differences in audio frequencies. It is how Spider-Man was able to catch a disguised chameleon by listening on to his unique heartbeat rhythm.

The Pink Hippo App

Do not let the name fool you. The Pink Hippo App feature might sound like a children’s video game but it allows Peter Parker to defeat one of the strongest villains in his Rogues’ Gallery – Sandman. The Mark 3 armor had this feature which when activated, allowed Parker to locate that one grain of sand within Sandman’s body that controlled his whole physiology. The app allowed the armor to connect to that grain and change Sandman’s form even though the guy did not want it. He has used this feature several times to defeat Flint Marko.

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